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BEFORE contacting Customer Service
                    please visit the new
FAQs page.

* The FAQs page also contains important bulletins and notices every member should read!

We've taken the time to cover every frequently asked question (and even more) you might have and include HOW TOs to help you use and navigate GunsAmerica. We update the FAQs regularly to make sure all topics and questions are answered. To save yourself time and aggravation, please read the FAQs before contacting customer service, and check the FAQs page regularly for updates and important notices. Keeping in mind if you contact customer service with a question that is answered in the FAQs your email to customer service will be answered with a reply that contains a link to the FAQs page.

On most occasions Customer Service will reply to your email within hours or minutes.
However, depending on many factors, it may take 24-72 hours to get a reply.
Replies may take longer on weekends and holidays.
Sending multiple emails on the same subject will NOT get you a faster reply.
Emails are answered in the order they arrive.
Please be patient.
And we promise; your email will be answered by a human, not a computer.
Thank you.

* When sending an email to customer service in regards to your account, always identify yourself with your Login ID or the email address used in registration. Not supplying this information may prevent us from sending a timely and accurate reply. Thank you.

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If you would like to send a note to us via snail mail, please email customer service for the address. If you need our PAYMENT address you MUST tell customer service this when you send the email.

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