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Arkansas Attorney General Says Open Carry Is Now OK
Man purse shoot  2600

Shooting From Off-Body Carry: The Man-Purse Test

Is The SAFE Act Actually Working- Second Amendment, Gun Control Advocates Disagree
Veteran in Kentucky fired from job for stopping during National anthem.
Magpul Guns and Girls Calendar 2016

2016 Magpul Calendar Photoshoot

NYC action in solidarity with Ferguson. Mo, encouraging a boycott of Black Friday Consumerism.

Is the Black Lives Matter Movement Fomenting Violence?

These are the models of basic Software Defined Radio (SDR) I have tried. For the regular dongle, which covers 100mhz-1.7ghz, the blue one seems to be the latest, with an updated tuner chip. The two blocks on the left include an Up Converter to be able to tune below 100mhz, in the HF bands used by Hams.  the only difference between the two seems to be that switch that is absent from the less expensive one but it seems to work just as good without the switch.
California Shooting Spree

Gun Homicide Rate Down 49% Since 1993, Study Finds

"DeKalb County Sheriff Jimmy Harris inspects the new shipment of concealed carry handguns for his deputies."  (Photo: YellowHammer News)
Though the barrel isn't as long as some full sized pistol, the grip and frame still feel substantial in the hand.

Walther’s first .45–the PPQ M2–Review