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The M9A3 is designed to fill the remaining contract, not to subvert the new pistol trials.

The Inside Scoop on the New Beretta M9A3

Other times the 51P feels just right. It is all a matter of perspective, I think, and setting.

A .308 Pistol? The PTR 51P–New Gun Review

Walther CCP 869 copy

The Walther Concealed Carry Pistol – CCP – New Gun Review


NY Attorney General tells Retailers to Stop Selling Toy Guns


Grand Jury Indicts Will Hayden for Aggravated, Forcible Rape


Do You Support Torture?


What Bullets Do In Real Life

The ported barrels aren't just for looks. As you'll see, this gun shoots flat.

All I Want for Christmas: Part 1 & 2


5 Things To Do If You’re Taken Hostage