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DC City Council to appeal concealed carry ruling


New Orleans man fatally shoots armed robber


California campus locked down over umbrella mishap

One things is for sure about the .357 Sig cartidge: velocity makes a big difference. It's tough o find a .357 Sig load that doesn't expand, even after encountering barriers.

7 Things To Know About .357 Sig – Sort Of…


Hickok45 takes on soda bandits with AK

The SVT-40, below, is the Soviet counterpart to the M1 Garand. It was the semi-auto battle rifle of the the Allies on the Eastern Front.

Soviet SVT-40 vs. M1 Garand – Best Battle Implement Ever?


FPSRussia breaks character, meet Kyle from Georgia

The Trophy Hunter isn't as small as you'd expect a "youth" model to be.

11 Year Old Girl Masters Savage .308 (Gun Review)