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Tac-Con–Full Auto Speeds from Saiga 12 and AKs


ATI products to appear in MC Sports stores


Elderly Texas homeowner shoots two female intruders

I believe that if you look at West Texas, talked about in the documentary below, you will see a gaping hole in Joel's theory. It is surrounded by primary targets and it is rated a 3 out of five stars.

Prepping 101: Strategic Relocation – Reality or Elaborate Farce?


An important message from NRA Exec. VP Wayne LaPierre

Thomas Menino, Boston's longest serving mayor from 1993-2014. (Photo: BNN News)

Co-founder of Mayors Against Illegal Guns Dies


When is shooting the mentally ill justified?

The Taurus CT9 and CT40 are pistol-caliber carbines made a lot like the H&K USC, which was actually a .45ACP. No word yet on if we'll see a CT45, but we got to test the CT9 and it was both reliable and accurate.

Taurus CT9/CT40 Carbines – New Gun Review


Winchester Model 1873 Cowboy Rifle – New Gun Review

Andrew Cuomo, Jeffrey Klein, Sheldon Silver, Robert Duffy, Andrea Stewart-Cousins