Learn About Differnet Types of Guns and What Makes Them Special!


Budget Minded Shotguns for Home Defense


Budget Minded Guns for Home Defense


In Defense of the Beretta M9


NY Attorney General tells Retailers to Stop Selling Toy Guns

The 692 Sporting is a classic "Sovrapposto" - a beauty and a beast.
Savage Rascal 683

An 11 Year Old’s Review of the Savage Rascal


10 Things to Look For In A SHTF Shotgun

There's no mistaking the magazine. A loaded AR mag won't seat inside the Airsoft mag well.

Airsoft ARX-160 from Umarex

One things is for sure about the .357 Sig cartidge: velocity makes a big difference. It's tough o find a .357 Sig load that doesn't expand, even after encountering barriers.

7 Things To Know About .357 Sig – Sort Of…