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walther ppk

Old School Concealed Carry– Two Walther PPKs

CZ Heritage 2291

Dan Wesson’s Heritage 1911–Review

Your gun, plus a new slide, barrel and magazine, makes a great .22LR pistol.

Review: Beretta 92 .22LR Practice Kit Conversion

This Galco Miami Classic II makes a great shoulder carry rig.

Gun Review: Springfield Armory 1911 TRP

The Stag Arms Model 9T - everything you need; nothing you don't.

Stag Model 9T–Game Changing 9mm Carbine

Silence anyone? The new Springfield Armory XD(M) Threaded 45 (top) and 9mm (bottom)
Nighthawk T4 6 profile right side

The Single Stack 9mm Perfected–Nighthawk T4

80 arms AR lower 26
The MPA30DMG 9mm. For the purposes of this review, I'll call it the Defender.

A True Masterpiece? The Masterpiece Arms 30DMG