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Though the barrel isn't as long as some full sized pistol, the grip and frame still feel substantial in the hand.

Walther’s first .45–the PPQ M2–Review

As compact as it is, the double barreled from end looks very intimidating.

DP-12 Review–A Functional Double Barrel Bullpup

The Auto Ordnance 1911A1 is true to the original, but you can even get one that's MA compliant, if you must.

Auto Ordnance 1911A1 Review

Taking my time the little Galesi is capable of a pretty tight group from 15 feet.

The Used Market: The Pocket .25


Bigger is Better: Glock 40 GEN4 MOS 10MM

The barrel is clearly marked.

Don’t Snub the Snub-Nose: Smith & Wesson Review

cmmg mutant8

CMMG’s 7.62×39 AR–The Mutant–Review

kimber bel air 32

Kimber Micro Bel-Air Review

Accuracy isn't stellar. The design makes compromises. The gun will shoot just about anything, which was damn useful at the time.

Flintlock Fun! – Shooting the French Fusil de Chasse

The ergonomics of the HK VP pistol is already the stuff of legend. Customizable grip panels help tailor the gun to the shooter. The author also likes the rubberized Talon grip for better friction.

H&K VP40 Review– Great Pistol with More Punch