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The kit is very well packed, and much harder to repack.

Henry Survival Kit: Accidental Field Test

The left side of the gun protrudes out. This is where the barrel sits when compacted.

The Surprising Survival Rifle: Henry’s AR-7–Review


The Top 5 Compact 9mms

The scope is the primary component of the shooting system. It fuses the data from all of the sensors into a firing solution through the built-in ballistics computer.
PTR 91 Wood Classic KR

PTR 91 Wood Classic KR – New Gun Review

The Walker makes an impression.

The Original Hand Cannon–no FFL required

Fully extended, and with the Silencerco Osprey, it doesn't look so small.
SOE 079

SOE Gear 12ga Micro-Rig

After firing, the case slides back, but doesn't eject.

The Ultimate Muzzleloader is a Remington?

The Brokos Belt by VTAC is the foundation for a flexible, customizable way to stay organized and move fast.