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The Top 5 Compact 9mms

The Walker makes an impression.

The Original Hand Cannon–no FFL required

Fully extended, and with the Silencerco Osprey, it doesn't look so small.
The gun has a distinct aesthetic that blends its unique form with more traditional concealed carry considerations (like a narrow width).

Boberg XR9-S The Bullpup Pistol Review

That's right, there's no decocking lever on this Sig P226!

Sig Sauer’s Single Action Sensation: The P226 Elite SAO

The author has previously nicknamed the G30S, "the IWB sledgehammer".

The Top 5 .45s for Concealed Carry

The 1911 continues to evolve. Kimber has moved away from the barrel lug on the Master Carry.

Kimber Master Carry Pro

monday gun day 3

Monday Gun-Day: Springfield Armory XDm 4.5 9mm

monday gun day 4

WIn a Free 1911 Mil-Spec