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The ported barrels aren't just for looks. As you'll see, this gun shoots flat.
The Kahr CT 380 is a good looking gun. If you are looking for a reliable .380 that comes in under $400, this is a great option.

Kahr CT380–The Perfect Pocket Pistol?

The P2000sk with the Viridian C5L.

H&K’s Sub Compact P2000sk–Where’s the Love?

At first glance, the Guncrafter CCO looks like many other 1911s. It is not.

Guncrafter Industries 9mm CCO–Review


Taurus Curve .380 Pocket/Purse Pistol – Yes, the Gun is Bent!

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The Beretta Pico is Finally Here–New Gun Review

The true gem in this list. If you want a gun to pass on to your kids, this is it.

Top 10 Pocket 9mms ideal for Concealed Carry

pws mk107 3

The Perfect Package: PWS’s MK107P


The Top 5 Compact 9mms