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Ed Brown Special Forces

Ed Brown Special Forces Carry

In bright daylight, the laser is harder to pick up on the target. But it is an extra that you shouldn't rely on anyhow.

Kimber Micro CDP–More than a Backup Gun

DB9 18

The Budget Friendly DB FS Nine New Gun Review


The Best New 9mm–The Riddle of the Sphinx


CMMG’s 9mm Mk9, an ideal PDW–Gun Review


A Bad Ass Bersa? The BP9CC – (Review)

Metro Arms American Classic II

What can you expect from a $500 1911? Metro Arms Review


The New and Improved S&W Shield: The Best Pocket 9mm?

Marbles Game Getter

Closet Classic Review: Marble’s Game Getter Gun

You can see that the ejection port is lowered and flared for clean ejection of spent rounds.