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Mossberg MVP Patrol .223

polymer 80

Polymer80 Lower – An easy to finish 80% Lower

Barnes 10

An Easy Way to Train With 300 Blackout

The SVT-40, below, is the Soviet counterpart to the M1 Garand. It was the semi-auto battle rifle of the the Allies on the Eastern Front.

Soviet SVT-40 vs. M1 Garand – Best Battle Implement Ever?

The Trophy Hunter isn't as small as you'd expect a "youth" model to be.

11 Year Old Girl Masters Savage .308 (Gun Review)

The hammer forged barrel has a slight constant taper from just in front of the chamber to the crown. This produces a strong barrel without the weight of a full bull barrel and contributes to the excellent balance and pointability.

Mauser M12 .308 Winchester– A modern heirloom


Shoot One Mile for Just Over One Grand

The Swiss K31 is a straight pull rifle. The bolt works on a rotating cam, similar to an AR-15. Finger pressure open and closes the bolt and the action is smooth and clean.
With the trigger that breaks at 2 pounds, it is even more important to keep that finger off the trigger until you are ready to fire.

Nothing Traditional about Traditions’ Vortek .50

CZ 557

Get Ready for Whitetail – The CZ 557 (REVIEW)