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Ruger American Rimfire Rifle Now Availalbe with Wood Stock

I prefer to shoot 5 round hot gun groups for my tests of a gun that is meant for competition. This is Hornady American Whitetail ammo, which has always been stellar in .308s, and I could reliably group into 1.5 MOA or better.
Mossberg blaze 47 26

Mossberg’s New Rimfire AK–The Blaze 47

The RAS47, an all-American made rifle with Russian roots.

The 100% American Made AK: The Ras-47

The Stag Arms Model 9T - everything you need; nothing you don't.

Stag Model 9T–Game Changing 9mm Carbine

80 arms AR lower 26
Other than the stock assembly the 2014 AX AICS looks pretty similar to the first generation of AX AICS.
The Nikon 3-9x scope is factory bore sighted to get you on paper quickly.

Savage M-11 Trophy Hunter XP Package Review

The piston system rides under the rail, and it works. Some see it as one-more-thing to break on an AR, but I've yet to find fault with it.

LWRC Tricon MK6–The Refined Fighting Carbine

The Steyr AUG is in service with nearly 40 countries and law enforcement agencies including the US, Austrailia, New Zealand, and Ireland.

The Steyr AUG M3 A1–A New Take on the Old Bullpup