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The Taurus CT9 and CT40 are pistol-caliber carbines made a lot like the H&K USC, which was actually a .45ACP. No word yet on if we'll see a CT45, but we got to test the CT9 and it was both reliable and accurate.

Taurus CT9/CT40 Carbines – New Gun Review

pws mk107 3

The Perfect Package: PWS’s MK107P

The left side of the gun protrudes out. This is where the barrel sits when compacted.

The Surprising Survival Rifle: Henry’s AR-7–Review

The scope is the primary component of the shooting system. It fuses the data from all of the sensors into a firing solution through the built-in ballistics computer.
PTR 91 Wood Classic KR

PTR 91 Wood Classic KR – New Gun Review

After firing, the case slides back, but doesn't eject.

The Ultimate Muzzleloader is a Remington?

There's no mistaking the magazine. A loaded AR mag won't seat inside the Airsoft mag well.

Airsoft ARX-160 from Umarex

As the exterior appearance indicates, the Beretta ARX100 is a complete redesign.

Beretta’s ARX100: A Closer Look

The M3 Scout Carbine