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As compact as it is, the double barreled from end looks very intimidating.

DP-12 Review–A Functional Double Barrel Bullpup

If you like big logos, they can do that, too.

The 870 Perfected? Nighthawk’s Shotguns

black aces tactical 2484

Micro Black Aces Shotgun! Is it Legal?

If you cut down a stock, then you run into some grey areas. As this one was designed and built for the pistol grip, there are no issues.

Pistol Grip Pitfalls (and How to Avoid Them)

Step 2: Shove it down into the receiver.
The 692 Sporting is a classic "Sovrapposto" - a beauty and a beast.

10 Things to Look For In A SHTF Shotgun

Yes, FNH does make a competition shotgun.

Tristar Raptor Youth Shotgun–Pink Gun Review


Lock and Load: 5 Classic Home Defense Shotguns