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I Am Forever Ep. 5: ‘Coordination & Timing’

Wrist coaches with multiple windows such as this allow the shooter to keep multiple forms of data handy.
Freedom fighter 4

Freedom Fighter Tactical Benelli M4 Upgrades

The trigger is exposed, but not dangerously--hammers shouldn't be cocked when the gun is in the holster.

Choosing a Cowboy Action Holster~El Paso Saddlery

The complete ATI package looks great on the Benelli.

Benelli M4 Raven Stock from ATI

A matched set. Twin Vaqueros.

Ruger’s SASS Tricked-out Vaqueros —Cowboy Shooting


When the Weather Outside is Frightful–5 Ideas

Savage Rascal 683

An 11 Year Old’s Review of the Savage Rascal

XS Big Dots 570

XS Angled Sights–Review

Yes, FNH does make a competition shotgun.