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How it Works
Option 1 - Sell it Yourself
The basic premise of the GA Drop Off Location is that a local FFL Dealer handles the transfer of the gun for you. That way the gun is legally out of your hands, into his "bound book", and out from him to another FFL dealer in the buyer´s state. So you, as the true seller of the gun, have established a clear paper trail for the gun that you need not ever maintain (even if an FFL dealer gives up his license his bound book is turned into the ATF). This is the simplest approach because nothing changes with your interaction with GunsAmerica and the buyer. You get to describe the gun, decide who it is sold to and how much it is sold for. And if the gun doesn´t sell there is no transfer of the gun back to you. You also pay a simple up front fee, not a commission on the sale itself.
Option 2 - Sell on Consignment
Many of our GA Drop Off Location dealers will take the gun in on consignment for you and handle the sale completely. The gun may be sold in their store, on their website or through an ad at GunsAmerica. Those terms you work out with them and the fees for the sale are stated in advance. You also must take into account that the gun might not sell and may have to be transferred back to you. The dealer himself may want to buy the gun outright as well, so your options are varied from dealer to dealer.

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