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15 Image(s) Colt Anaconda Legacy Scarce Black Pearl Titanium Finish
Here is a Scarce Limited Edition Colt Anaconda Legacy. With 24 K Gold embellishments and has the Black Pearl Titanium finish.. 8" barrel and shoots 44 Mag/44 Special. Colt walnut f... (read more)
Gun #: 916001323
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
2 Image(s) Colt Anaconda 44Mag 6"
Colt Anaconda 44Mag 6" barrel,stainless steel,excellent condition. We buy,sell and trade new and used firearms.This is our 40th year in business.Firearms will need to be transfe... (read more)
Gun #: 918556334
Seller: First Stop Gun
GA Sales: 7541
12 Image(s)  Colt Anaconda 5" W/ Case Scarce
This is a Scarce Special Edition Colt , the 5" Anaconda. Colt Anaconda 5" barrel , 44Mag. Brushed Stainless. It is said only 6-11 were ever made and are not cataloged. In my ... (read more)
Gun #: 983745513
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
Gun #: 955553494
1 Image(s) Colt .45 Anaconda Never fired 4" Barrel
Pristine condition. Still in case it came in. No outside sticker. All paperwork that came with it is still in the box. Nice revolver for your collection. (read more)
Gun #: 928859914
Seller: GA_1988538
Time Left: 24 days 14 hours 32 minutes
0 Image(s) colt anaconda 6in stainless
like new in the box with paper work (read more)
Gun #: 917004577
Seller: bullseye sports llc
GA Sales: 36
1 Image(s) Colt Anaconda 4' Barrel 44Mag
Colt Anaconda .44 Mag. 4" SS Vented rib bbl. Double action revolver. With original hard case, Colt rubber grip. Will send more pictures via email or text. This gun is in great ... (read more)
Gun #: 941783341
Seller: Brody1725
This is a rare find...hard to find combination Colt didnt make many 4" anacondas in the .45 caliber. This one is in great has not been fired much outside of the factory... (read more)
Gun #: 959734713
Seller: Malcolm Firearms
GA Sales: 4
3 Image(s) I Buy Colt Boa Python Diamondback Anaconda King Cobra ANY CONDITION top $$ paid
I buy all types of colts, Boa, python, diamondback, anaconda, king cobra, cobra, rattlesnake, cased set of boas bank of findlay, double diamond set, gold cup, snake guns, They... (read more)
Gun #: 942868348
Seller: Malcolm Firearms
GA Sales: 4
1 Image(s) Colt Anaconda 45 Colt 4"
Colt Anaconda 45 Colt with 4 inch barrel. Condition is excellent although this is a used firearm. The 4 inch version of the 45 Anaconda is the hard to find model with very few hav... (read more)
Gun #: 924723650
Seller: Lynn
10 Image(s)  Colt Anaconda 4" DT 45 cal. Custom Shop
Scarce find. Colt 4" 45 LC caliber Anaconda DT. Drilled and Tapped from the Colt Custom Shop. Used condition and needs a god cleaning. Has the factory papers but has a new cas... (read more)
Gun #: 946356247
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
1 Image(s) Colt .45 Anaconda 4" Rare find
This Colt .45 Anaconda with 4" barrel is in pristine condition. It has all the paperwork that came with it. No outside sticker. (read more)
Gun #: 929019643
Seller: GA_1988538
14 Image(s) Colt Anaconda PDT Unfired Complete
Here is a Unfired / NIB Colt Anaconda PDT. Ported, drilled and tapped. Has a 8" barrel. Brushed Stainless finish. Complete with the blue box an white labeled to gun sleeve. All pap... (read more)
Gun #: 936371130
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
1 Image(s) Colt Anaconda  all stainless, unfired
This "as new" Colt Anaconda revolver fires the .44 magnum or the .44 special round. It has a 6" barrel with an overall stainless finish. This 6 shot revolver has adjustable rear ... (read more)
Gun #: 987129640
Seller: Jays Guns IV
GA Sales: 311
5 Image(s) Colt Anaconda .45 colt  8" barrel RARE stainless w/ box
Rare colt anaconda in .45 colt with an 8" barrel....this is one of the hardest configurations to find in the anaconda series. This one is in great shape, appears to have been fire... (read more)
Gun #: 932226487
Seller: Malcolm Firearms
GA Sales: 4
13 Image(s) Unfired Colt Anaconda DT Custom Shop Complete
Here is a Unfired Colt Anaconda DT from the Colt Custom Shop. The is a 6" Brushed Stainless Steel barrel and is Complete with the Factory labeled to case and factory Papers. 44 Mag... (read more)
Gun #: 911023124
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
13 Image(s) Colt 4" Anaconda Unfired Complete
Collectors !!! Here is a Unfired Colt Anaconda 4" Brushed Stainless 44 Mag. The gun is perfect and complete with the labeled to gun case with papers. These are the most requested ... (read more)
Gun #: 962710645
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
13 Image(s) Colt 45 LC Anaconda 6" W/Case
Here is a hard to find Colt Anaconda 45 LC. 6" Stainless Barrel. Has the original case and manual. No sleeve so no label. The Anaconda 45 Long Colt caliber is getting rare to find... (read more)
Gun #: 972652834
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
11 Image(s) Colt Anaconda 8" PDT Complete
Here is a Colt Custom Shop Anaconda PDT, ported, drilled and tapped, ready for your scope and base. 8" Brushed Stainless Steel barrel.These were a Custom shop issue. Hard to find t... (read more)
Gun #: 961856124
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
8 Image(s) Colt Anaconda or King Cobra or BOA Wood Grips
I am listing a beautiful set of Wood Grips for your Colt Anaconda or King Cobra--Get rid of those old ugly Black Rubber grips and replace them with these beautiful Wood Grips--... (read more)
Gun #: 970059124
Seller: Colt Box Man
GA Sales: 3
1 Image(s) HKS 29M 44sp Speedloader SW 29 629 Dan Wesson Ruger Redhawk Super Redhawk Colt Anaconda Taurus
"M" series speedloaders-These particular models actually work best with cartridge jiggle. Loads cartridges into revolver instantly! Super-fast super-dependable! Fits: S&W 29, 62... (read more)
Gun #: 963953296
Seller: Southern Gun Brokers
GA Sales: 282
18 Image(s) Colt  "Anaconda Custom Ported" Archived Letter
Collectors, here is a Colt "Anaconda Custom Ported" 4" 44 Mag. Shot 6 rounds, cleaned and put away. Too much gun for the previous owner. It did not have the labeled sleeve so I o... (read more)
Gun #: 902948778
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
Gun #: 987871946
Seller: roanshorthair
GA Sales: 4
14 Image(s) Colt Anaconda 6" 45 LC Complete
Here is a As New Colt Anaconda hard to find complete 45 Long Colt. Brushed Stainless steel with a 6" barrel. This has the labeled to gun factory sleeve and papers. No handling mark... (read more)
Gun #: 944739214
Seller: CaptSteve
GA Sales: 73
4 Image(s) Colt Firearms Factory V Frame Wood Grips King Cobra & Anaconda & BOA & Trooper V
RARE RARE FIND-Original Colt Factory V Frame Wood Grips King Cobra & Anaconda & BOA & Trooper MK-V--You can never find these for sale "Well I found Some 100% original New Old Stock... (read more)
Gun #: 930278244
Seller: Colt Box Man
GA Sales: 3
28 Listings Found Page 1 of 1
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