3 Reed Duck Call From Sure-Shot –SHOT Show 2016

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The triple reed is back.

The Triple Reed is back.

The Model 700 Classic Triple Reed duck call from Sure-Shot is nothing new.  It was invented back in the 1960s, but it has been out of production for a long time.  Getting the 3 reeds right is not an easy trick. It is very easy to end up with an overly thick stack of reeds that are unresponsive and dull sounding.

From what we heard in the Sure Shot Game Calls booth at SHOT Show, they’ve got it right. Well, they got it right AGAIN would be a bmore accurate. The young man demonstrating it was able to blow a very nice sounding hail and feed call from the Classic Triple Reed.

So how does a triple reed duck call work? Just like a double, but with an extra reed–just in case. When you sound a triple read, the 3rd one is not contributing to the sound. It is there are a back up.  If you should crack a reed in the field you can simply flip the reeds over and get back to blowing. Well, you will have to adjust it a bit to get it sounding right, but at least you will be back up and calling without having to go home empty handed.

The Classic Triple Reed from Sure-Shot is made from a single turned piece of Black Walnut. They are available now and have an MSRP of $65.99. And Sure Shot has a full line-up of other calls, too.

If one of the reeds breaks or deforms, you can flip it over and keep calling.

If one of the reeds breaks or deforms, you can flip it over and keep calling.

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  • Jerry L Hardy February 1, 2016, 10:17 am

    Nice to find out the old Cowboy Fernandez original is now being duplicated again. Have used and still utilizing an original triple reed, there is nothing that can compare to the resonance and tone provided. Cowboy would be happy
    To see this resurrected. As an oldtimer who remembers Cowboy starting off in his garage in Pt. Neches, Texas, this brings back lots of memories, and rest assured the article will be pasted to my son, now 40 years young, who was taught by Cowboy to use a call properly.

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