Adams Arms Rolling Out New P-Series Micro AR Piston Kits and More

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At the heart of the updated P-Series are lighter, low-profile fixed and adjustable gas blocks. These lightweight gas blocks take the bulk out of piston systems. (Photo: A.A./Facebook)

Adams Arms is launching an updated, light and low-profile series of piston kits for AR-pattern rifles. The compact kits go along with their sleek new P-Series handguards and complete upper receivers systems.

Adams Arms is offering the new gas blocks and handguards separately for existing owners looking to outfit their guns with the improved hardware. The P-Series parts are backwards-compatible with all older Adams Arms piston systems.

The new Micro blocks are the same size as conventional direct-impingement low-profile blocks. They weigh over 30 percent less than Adams Arms’ older low-profile gas blocks. The lighter blocks make rifles less front-heavy and offer better balance.

Adams Arms has two versions of the Micro block, a fixed model, and an adjustable gas block. The fixed version is for standard M4/M16 bolts. The adjustable block is for shooters looking to tune their gas system to run low-mass carriers and for shooting suppressed.

Standalone gas blocks start at $110 and complete piston conversion kits run between $275 and $360 depending on the configuration. Complete kits include the piston kit, op rod and one-piece enhanced bolt carrier.

All the parts come with Adams’ LifeCoat QPQ nitride finish and have a lifetime warranty. The company also offers nickel-boron bolt carriers for a little more.

The P-Series handguards are also available separately. Adams Arms has new M-Lok rails in 7-, 10-, 12.5- and 15.5-inch lengths. These handguards have a standard Picatinny top rail, M-Lok slots at 3-, 6- and 9-o’clock. The rails have four quick-detach sling swivel sockets to accommodate different sling styles.

Taken altogether, the P-Series is a complete reboot of their product line. The P-Series includes three families of piston-driven ARs chambered in .223 Remington/5.56 NATO and .308 Winchester/7.62 NATO.

The P-Series includes three families of rifles in 5.56 and .308. (Photo: A.A./Facebook)

The P1 series is based on their original Tactical EVO guns with full-size receiver-height railed gas blocks. These guns are a step up from entry-level with Magpul MOE handguards and ergonomic grips and stocks.

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Things get more interesting with the P2 and P3 series. The P2 incorporates all their new components including the micro blocks and free-floating M-Lok handguards. The P3 goes all-out with premium competition-ready parts inside and out, including outstanding AR Gold triggers.

Adams Arms is a Florida-based manufacturer and the company is also offering a limited run of “Emergency Preparedness Pistol” kits for walk-in customers. These affordable packages include a rifle bag, four mags, a single-point sling and iron sights with one of their AR-pattern pistols for as little as $825.

You don’t have to be prepping for a hurricane to appreciate the new stuff coming from Adams Arms. If you’ve been thinking about picking up or building a piston-operated AR be sure to check out the P-Series parts and guns.

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  • Archangel September 8, 2017, 1:25 pm

    WOW, a low profile gas block that is 30% lighter?
    There must be, what, 500 on line for sale already and we surely need another, and saving a few more grams is soooo important, you could carry an extra round or two!

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