AK-47 Bumpfire – New Aluminum Chassis – SlideFire Solutions – SHOT Show 2017

SlideFire Solutions
SSAK-47 HYB – $299 (call them for the $250 price in video)
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It is hard to believe that I posted my first article about the SlideFire back in March of 2011. And I have to tell you, bumpfire never stops being fun.

If you have never experienced bumpfire, the concept is simple. Inside the stock is a sliding block, allowing the rifle to reciprocate back and forth, while the stock sits firmly on your shoulder. Rather than pulling the trigger for each shot, you bar your finger across the trigger and allow the reciprocation to fire the rifle. If you concentrate on keeping your finger straight, it is simple to “pull” shots off by pushing the forend away from you. Bumpfire is surprisingly controllable, but from a tactical standpoint not very effective, since you do have to pay attention, and it does require two hands.

It’s a total blast though. The brass flows out of the receiver like a garden hose.

I reviewed the first AK bump stock back in 2012, and I never got it to the point where I was comfortable, like with an AR. I found that the trigger pull is longer with an AK, and scratchy, and it just isn’t a fine tuned machine like even the worst AR trigger.

This year SlideFire Solutions, the inventor of the slide stock, came up with a solution. They made the block out of aluminum, and included a buffer system inside. When I get the stock for review eventually I’ll walk you through the changes. They make it for both an AKM and PAP receiver, so you should probably call them if you have any doubts as to your gun.

The stock in the video is the HYB, and on the website right now it is $299, not $250 as he says, so I’d call them if you want one. 325-945-3800

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  • Patti Riner October 5, 2017, 5:57 pm

    Looking for a slide fire stock for AK 47 with square cut receiver.

  • matthew martinez January 26, 2017, 12:50 pm

    The author mentions the ak trigger’s pull and grit. after having assembled many aks from all countries this is true. the parkerized or even as cast or machined triggers often feel gritty as production of 60s through 90s aks was rushed. some yugos are nicely finished but all still have a long travel. travel can be lessened by removing material off the back of the trigger hook and feel by hitting the mating surfaves with a 400 grit and higher paoer or dremel drum. a good trigger certainly goes a long way on a bump fire or auto system. polishing the hammer and carrier mating surfaces also goes a long way.

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