American Built Arms T*Grip–Gear Review

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T Grip

The nubby little T*Grip doesn’t protrude nearly as far below the frame as most grips.

Let’s say you pulled the trigger and bought an IWI Tavor. Now you need to set it up for success. You’ll need a light, sights, a sling, and a fore grip. You can stick an EOTech on top the rail, a Surefire Scout Light on the side, a Magpul sling in the QD slots, but when you get to that forward grip you draw a blank. What will fit? Will you be forced to change your grip angle? Will you lose the clean lines of the Tavor when you stick on an over-sized AR foregrip? Do you have to settle? That is the ultimate question.

Jason Combs, President of American Built Arms Company, took on the challenge and designed a grip specifically for the Tavor. The T*Grip maximizes the rifle’s potential without losing any of its streamlined style and performance.

Lets start with the bad, as there is little to say. Upon receiving the grip, I found myself sitting in limbo without a rail on my gun. I had no way of attaching the T*Grip to the Tavor. My only criticism is the need for a third party rail to attach it to the gun.

T Grip

BullPup Armory’s T-REx rail helps. Otherwise, you may have to strap on the T*Grip with duct-tape (not recommended).

IWI doesn’t ship a Rail with the Tavor, nor does A*B Arms with the grip. Supplying an option from the factory would rock.  Or A*B Arms could even go one step above all the competition and send a polymer rail section with the grip. Luckily the good people at the Bullpup Armory remedied this problem and sent over an amazing little piece of aluminum: the T-REx (sic). Rails can be very simple, though the geometry needed to make it work on the Tavor is a bit more complex, and the T-REx works great.

The T*Grip doesn’t just work, It works well. It was designed to be nubby, which helps maintain the snag free, streamlined feel of the Tavor. Yet it is just long enough to ensure added stability. The grip supplies the right amount of traction and the necessary angled approach needed to drive the gun. Beyond the angle of the grip and the texture of the polymer, the swells in the sides of the grip allow you to have a firm purchase on the grip even during rapid-fire.

T Grip

A small piece of foam will keep things from rattling.

The grip has an easily opened compartment in the bottom that can hold all types of kit. It ships with a small foam insert to aid in silencing anything you might find yourself shoving inside. I hid some AAA batteries I keep as backups for my Ear Pro. The grip attaches to the rail with two bolts which adds extra strength to the grip.

Though the T*Grip is designed for the Tavor, it can be attached to any weapon that has a 1913 rail. The short forward grips are growing in popularity for SBRs, and carbines. The angle and texture may seem subtle, but the ergonomics are better than the basic broom-handle models that are so ubiquitous.

The T*Grip is designed and made in America, by veterans. That is a big selling point for some. The MSRP is $39.99. You can buy less expensive grips, most of which are imported and made by people who don’t really like us. Or you can feel good about supporting a company that takes your security personally. Your choice.

T Grip

Use of the T-Grip is ambidextrous, obviously, and it is a good idea to train with both hands.

In the end, the T*Grip is tailor made. When choosing accessories to optimize your rifle, you may have to sift through the generic and hope you chose the right part. Often these accessories you buy are not directly designed for your weapon system. The ergonomics on the Tavor are hit or miss. You either love them or the gun simply doesn’t fit you. American Built Arms can help bridge the gap, which may turn the biggest critics of the Tavor into believers.

T Grip

The T*Grip allows for the thumb to wrap around the back, or rest on the frame.

T Grip

The T*Grip gives you a solid brace to help stabilize the Tavor on solid objects.

T Grip

Brace the T*Grip on a wall, and then pin it down with forward pressure.

T Grip

Or brace your support hand on the wall, and secure the Tavor with your thumb.

T Grip

The bullpup design puts your support hand closer to your shooting hand, so any extra leverage is a benefit.

T Grip

A fully equipped Tavor becomes a much more formidable rifle.

T Grip

The T-REx rail is a perfect fit.

T Grip

The T*Grip is made in the USA.

T Grip

The scaled texture makes the T*Grip easy to hold onto.

T Grip

The T*Grip is functional, and it looks good.

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  • Adam December 5, 2014, 6:15 pm

    A foregrip on a Tavor is just fucking wrong. The correct way to hold a Tavor is the ‘6 point’ method”.

  • Russ July 14, 2014, 12:55 pm

    Doesn’t the forend look like they could have easily designed it to fold out?
    Thanks for the grip review.

  • Brian Smith July 11, 2014, 5:40 pm

    The T-REx rails are also all American made!

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