Beretta 692 Sporting Clays Shotgun & Model 92 – SHOT Show 2013

Beretta USA

by Guy Sagi

It was 1526 when Beretta was pressed into service producing gun barrels for the Republic of Venice, and the fact the company continues to thrive speaks volumes about its dedication to producing quality firearms. One of the company’s introductions for 2013, the 692 Sporting over-under shotgun, continues that tradition, with an eye toward competitive shooters.

Employing a new style of barrel from the company called Steelium Plus, the forcing cone has been lengthened to 360 millimeters in a 76 centimeter barrel (prior to the development of Steelium technology, the typical forcing cone on competition barrels was only 65 millimeters). The change, according to Beretta, increases performance while reducing muzzle rise and perceived recoil. The 12-gauge shotgun is chambered for three-inch shells.

The gun also uses a new receiver that is 41.6 millimeters wide, or 1.3 millimeters more robust than that found in the Beretta’s 682 Gold. The added weight in just the right place, according to the company’s press materials, increases speed of target acquisition, adds stability and improves balance. If you’re still worried about tailoring it to balance better in your hands, it also uses new Beretta Fast Adjustment System Technology, B-FAST, which allows the mounting of steel wads into the stock. Placed as far as possible from the hinge pins, the “pendulum effect” maximizes the impact of weight added, minimizing the number of wad additions required.

It’s a Beretta, so you know the hand-rubbed, oil finish on select walnut is striking. The B-FAST Comb is also adjustable for height, drop and cast. Coupled with replaceable locking shoulders, a new opening lever, a selective, adjustable trigger and employing Optima Bore HP choke tubes, this shotgun continues the company’s well deserved tradition of giving firearms owners the precise tool they need, and the confidence it will get the job done right—for a long time.

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  • Richard January 30, 2013, 8:35 pm

    Is this the one Barry oops President Obama uses when he skeet shoots. I wonder!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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