Blaser In-Line Bolt Action Rifles Get New Furniture—SHOT Show 2014

blaser01Blaser USA

Blaser introduced their super fast in-line action in 1993 as their model R 93. The R 8 is the next generation. They make a modular rifle with just about any production rifle caliber you’d care to shoot. To change calibers you simply change barrels, or, if you’re changing to a different family of cartridges, the barrel and bolt, which can be accomplished simply and quickly in the field. Their guns aren’t cheap, typically running in the $3,00 – $5,000 range. However, guns wearing synthetic stocks in lieu of exotic hardwood can be purchased for less. That’s a boon to any hunters who hunt enough to appreciate what this gun can do for them. We took a look at a couple of the new synthetic stocks. While the wood stocks are truly gorgeous, the synthetic stocks have a style that we’re not accustomed to seeing, what with all the tactical plastic in the market. The Ruthenium stock was the most impressive. It’s a brown synthetic with leather inlays that give an elegant look to a plastic stock. Unfortunately, the light wasn’t good enough to do it justice in the video, so you’ll have to go to their website to get a better look. An added feature was that you can convert it to a Stutzen, or full barrel length forend, by simply removing the forend cap and replacing it with an extended Stutzen cap. This is a high end, extremely accurate rifle. It’s not for everyone, but if you’re a serious hunter, check it out. I think you’ll like what you see.


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