Calvin Elite Multi-Shoe AR Triggers – Timney Triggers – SHOT Show 2017

Timney Triggers Calvin Elite

So what aftermarket trigger do the gun nerds and gunsmiths use? That would be Timney. For one, they make a trigger for everything that a replacement trigger is made for, and for another, they have been doing that since 1946. Aggressive young companies will come and go, and sure, they’ll get military contracts and make triggers for one boring aluminum and plastic rifle platform, but they’ll always have to answer to Timney, the king of replacement triggers.

This year Timney is following the herd with their latest take on the AR-15 drop in style trigger. The thinking on this product is geared to the competitive shooter who wants to develop his or her own style of trigger work, with a slightly canted paddle angle. Super light, you could theoretically set up the trigger to almost brush it rather than pull it straight back, and that could theoretically give you an advantage for long distance precision shooting, or even quick 3-Gun work.

Hopefully we’ll get this trigger into Clay or Becky’s hands at some point soon to give you a real take on how it feels, and if the adjustment seems like it is something you would want to count on. I’ve never seen Timney do an ill-conceived trigger project, so it is interesting that this one seems just that.

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  • Sean Kennedy April 8, 2017, 11:37 am

    Will the Timney Calvin AR trigger work on a AR10 lower?

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