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West Virginia delegates debate the merit of a Constitutional carry bill.

West Virginia House Approves Constitutional Carry Bill

Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg. (Photo: Financial Times)

Will Bloomberg Run for President in 2016?

Ted Nugent, rocker, hell raiser, 2A supporter, and NRA board member.

Ted Nugent Posts Anti-Semitic Meme, Catches Hell for It

Vice president Joe Biden.

Vice President Joe Biden Gives More Gun Ownership Advice

bullpup unlimited bpu500  06

DIY Bullpup Kit for Mossberg 500 & Remington 870

The Kimber barrel delivered really rewarding accuracy, which makes this more than just a practice tool.

Kimber Rimfire Compact .22 Conversion Kit


Webley & Scott Empire Rifle: New Gun Review

This batch came out like all the other batches I have run, with cans that look fine, but that something leaked out of. Glass jars always leak too, but they haven't been rolled shut like these cans. It could be that my rollers aren't correct, even though the edge looks correct.
Looks like an old and worn 1873 and that it is. But this one was owned by Buffalo Bill Cody.

JFK’s Winchester on Display — SHOT Show 2016