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A good teaching tool for an 8 year old who wants to learn to shoot.

Perfect Christmas? Umarex Steel Force

While a large gun with open carry certainly can be comfortable and effective, daily open carry could effect your civil case in the event of a deadly force event.

How the Reasonable Person Should Carry


5 Stocking-Stuffer Ideas for the Shooter on Your List

Black Aces cover

Black Aces Giveaway on GunsAmerica


Chicago on Edge Over Footage Showing Fatal Police Shooting


Should those on Terrorist Watchlist be Denied Gun Rights?

D.C. Police Chief
President Obama

Dems Urge Obama to Close ‘Loophole’ via Executive Action


Have a Fact-Based Gun Debate This Holiday Season

My mica window was broken and the replacement I ordered wasn't correct but covered the hole.

Prepping 101: Off Grid Heating With Diesel and Oil