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Becky Yackley

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Author and sons duck hunting with  Mike Morgan and Mojo TV crew.

Kids and Guns: Take Your Children Hunting!

Small targets teach trigger control and patience - both skills kids will put into use when hunting or participating in taret sports.

Is Rimfire Too Expensive Now to Teach Kids to Shoot?

Lena Miculek, shooting a Cowboy Action stage at the 2014 Trijicon World Shooting Championship.

Journey Into Competitive Shooting: Ep. 7 Cowboy Action

Stiff leather jackets, and shooting gloves make for a need to hydrate on hot summer days on the highpower range.

Kids And Guns: Teach Your Children Well

Team Stoeger's Andrew Yackley, at age 10, competing in the Generation III Gun match in 2014.

Journey Into Competitive Shooting: Ep. 5 — 3 Gun

Andrew Yackley, Rush and Charlize Roth - shooting quarters with a .22 to make necklaces.

Kids and Guns: Important Tips for Safe Storage

Andrew Yackley, age 11, demonstrating an aggressive stance for a young shooter.
Andrew Yackley, at age 10, shooting his mom's Adams Arms rifle on 4th of July.

Kids And Guns: Series Introduction

Becky Yackley, the author of the article, shooting USPSA Limited division with a Glock 34.

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