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David Higginbotham

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point cover
Inserted in the can, it fits flush. Note the cord sticking out.

Can Cannon’s Grappling Hook in Action

Some of the guns from last week's confiscatory efforts.

Why We’re Our Own Worst Enemy: Ep. 1 Airport Carry

Thompson 28

The Thompson M1927A1 from Auto Ordnance

Charter Arms 1

Mother’s Day is Coming–Chic Lady for your Mom?

Two classic beauties--the Colt Python (top) and the Smith 686.

Shoot-out: Colt Python vs. Smith & Wesson 686

Knife test 1

Can One Knife Do it All? The Perfect Knife Quest Update

AO Thompson 1911 02

Win an A-O Thompson and a 1911: GunsAmerica Giveaway

Walter Sobchak, right, in his Shoot-Me-First vest.

5 Dead Giveaways that Out Concealed Carry


On a Tight Budget? The SCCY 9mm

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