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Ruger SR1911CMD
When you grasped the handle of this Hitler “Night Pistol” Luger, your skin conductivity completed a circuit between the two brass panels illuminating a tactical light at the muzzle.

The First Great Firearms Sale of the Decade

The Pig Buster from Gibbs Rifle Co. are made from reactivated1903A3 Springfield drill rifles.

Have You Considered Re-Loading Your Ammo?

The Hi Point is one of the softest-shooting 9mm pistols the author has fired. The mass of the slide seems to help mitigate perceived recoil and muzzle flip.

Hi Point C9 9mm – A Good, Cheap Gun

McMillan CS5, Chiappa Zombie Blaster, Lyman, More …

TC Arms Youth Rifle – Venture Compact

The 48 AL is a long-recoil action. You can see in this illustration that the barrel moves backward with the bolt.

Franchi—Ergonomic Without The Ugly

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