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If your safe does get violated, you will want to know as much as you can as soon as possible.
When you get to the point of anchoring your safe, there are numerous decisions to be made regarding its final location in your home. Choose wisely.
To be UL-rated, a lock much have at least one million possible combinations available.
If you have a gun collection, buying a gun safe is a must. It can keep them out of unqualified hands and also help protect your investments.
Fast access, safe storage.

BoomDock–Rapid Access for Long Guns–SHOT Show 2016

Small storage options from Liberty offer fast access.
The version on walkabout at SHOT was the polymer Defender version, which is lighter than the Armor series.

Mattress Safe–ArmsReach SHOT Show 2015

The initial alerts. Works as advertised.

Peace of Mind from Liberty’s SafElert

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