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While the 5.56 (left) has a lot of great capabilities, working well out of a short barrel is not one of them. The 300 AAC Blackout (right) might be a great alternative.

Gunfight Science: Is 5.56 NATO Dumb?

ankle carry
If you could see inside the slide...

Trigger Recall : Understanding the GLOCK Trigger

The steel barrel.

Debunking Common Revolver Myths

airforce 3
The polymer framed branch of the Walther family tree.

Walther’s American Pistols

These are all handy carry pistols, but will they be effective without practice?

5 Best Guns for Bad Shooters

HK Briefcase with K gun installed note trigger on underside of briefcase handle. All rounds were kept in case upon firing. A Business card could be inserted on side of case to cover muzzle. The case itself is considered an AOW in the USA.

Understanding The HK MP5–Full Auto Review

Pistons vs DI cover

Budget Minded Shotguns for Home Defense