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A good teaching tool for an 8 year old who wants to learn to shoot.

Perfect Christmas? Umarex Steel Force

Henry Rimfire 25

Gallery Gun Fun Henry’s Pump 22

Galil Ace 25

The Galil Ace–7.62 x 39 Perfected

The full-sized SCAR 17 is a hard hitting .308 designed for portability and ease of maintenance.
I am now the proud owner of a full sized, 8 3/8ths inch Taurus Model 444 Raging Bull. It's always been a cool gun, but Taurus as a company has come a long way as a company in the past few years and I think this gun is the best buy in a .44 Mag revolver, even if you're not on a budget.
IWI Jericho 941 15

IWI’s Pistol, the Jericho 941–9mm Overkill

The Troy forends come in short and long versions.

Troy Takes on the AK-47

The unassuming Remington 870P (Police Magnum).

Why Does Everyone Love the Remington 870?

H&K's legacy built to PTR's legendary standards, and shooting the east expensive ammo on the market? Seems like a logical choice to me.

PTR 32P – The H&K Style AK Alternative

Honor Defense Honor Guard10

Best Factory Single Stack 9mm Ever? Honor Guard (NEW GUN)