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The exagerated loop on the lever allows for more freedom of movement during fast shots, and the option of wearing gloves during winter.

Henry Frontier Carbine Evil Roy Edition

With reasonable weight, an easily adjustable stock are excellent accuracy, the Ruger Precision Rifle would make a great gun for almost any long range chore.

The New Ruger Precision Rifle–Everything Done Right?

The short overall length of the ZP-5 makes the gun easy to conceal.

Zenith Z-5P – The MP5K Done Right

The Auto Ordnance 1911A1 is true to the original, but you can even get one that's MA compliant, if you must.

Auto Ordnance 1911A1 Review

cmmg mutant8

CMMG’s 7.62×39 AR–The Mutant–Review

The LWRC R.E.P.R. 20-inch rifle, right side.

Gun Review: LWRC R.E.P.R. 20 .308 Sniper Model

I prefer to shoot 5 round hot gun groups for my tests of a gun that is meant for competition. This is Hornady American Whitetail ammo, which has always been stellar in .308s, and I could reliably group into 1.5 MOA or better.
Mossberg blaze 47 26

Mossberg’s New Rimfire AK–The Blaze 47

The RAS47, an all-American made rifle with Russian roots.

The 100% American Made AK: The Ras-47