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chiappa 1
diy ar 15 kits anderson aero bcm

3 New DIY AR Kits from Brownells

inland mks scout carbine

Inland’s Got a Modern New M1 Scout Carbine

Thompson 28

The Thompson M1927A1 from Auto Ordnance

The .45-70 is easy to identify from the front end.

Henry’s Updates .30-30 and .45-70: Review Redux

Receiver is marked auto, fire and safe sadly it will not turn to the fun position
Large frame shooters will have to get accustomed to the limited real estate on the gun.
Low recoil delivers accurate sustained full auto fire.

The Legacy of the MP40–Full Auto Review

The SPS Tactical, as it came to me. It is a decent package gun for $650.

Improving The Remington 700–Part 1–Buy a Rifle