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Magwell vs. Wristover AR-15 Holds – Enough Silliness!


Project Appleseed Bans Smith & Wesson M&P 15-22 Rifles

The Masterpiece Arms BA Lite PCR certainly lives up to its name. Shown here with a Burris Veracity 4-20x scope.
Lena Miculek, shooting a Cowboy Action stage at the 2014 Trijicon World Shooting Championship.

Journey Into Competitive Shooting: Ep. 7 Cowboy Action


Shoot a Target at 2.5 Miles!

the new Iron Frame Henry in .44-40 faithfully recreates the classic 1860 original, but in a more practical chambering than the original .44 Henry.
To find range to your target, you could make use of technology and use a scope with integrated laser rangefinder like the Burris Eliminator (bottom.) Or, with some basic math, you can use a scope with a graduated mil-dot or MOA reticle like the Burris Veracity (top.)

Optics Buying Guide: Finding Range With A Scope

(Photo: AP/Hassan Ammar)
Corey Cogdell-Unrein (Photo: Range 365)