Shoot Better!

This coat is great for winter. But in May, it should raise eyebrows.

Is It Okay to Look Down at Your Holster When Re-holstering?

The author arrives at the range like a vacationing pack rat. The bag is from Midway USA, and is a great value.

10 Essentials for Your Range Bag

The perfect pocket pistol? At least for firing from inside a coat. This Smith has a laser, too--though it doesn't do you much good inside the pocket.

Shooting Revolvers and Autos From the Pocket

Will this stock Smith & Wesson M&P 10 .308 shoot consistently at 1,000 yards?
A humble GLOCK? Hardly. The 43 took the day.
Rita takes a shot at a quartering bird moving away.

I Am Forever Ep. 5: ‘Coordination & Timing’

Wrist coaches with multiple windows such as this allow the shooter to keep multiple forms of data handy.
Freedom fighter 4

Freedom Fighter Tactical Benelli M4 Upgrades

The trigger is exposed, but not dangerously--hammers shouldn't be cocked when the gun is in the holster.

Choosing a Cowboy Action Holster~El Paso Saddlery