Competition Shooting

An overview of competive shooting tips and techniques.

Andrew Yackley, age 11, demonstrating an aggressive stance for a young shooter.
Olympic shooter Kim Rhode. (Photo: LA Times)
Andrew Yackley, at age 10, shooting his mom's Adams Arms rifle on 4th of July.

Kids And Guns: Series Introduction

Becky Yackley, the author of the article, shooting USPSA Limited division with a Glock 34.
Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship. Combined with his Iron Sight division win in 2012, and previous titles in the Rimfire and Steel- Master divisions, B.J. is the only person in history to have captured every major division title at Steel Challenge.

Journey Into Competitive Shooting: Ep. 2 Steel Challenge

Colt Competition Pistol Lightweight Commander
bersa thunder combat plus 9 xt competition
Rita takes a shot at a quartering bird moving away.
Wrist coaches with multiple windows such as this allow the shooter to keep multiple forms of data handy.