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While the 5.56 (left) has a lot of great capabilities, working well out of a short barrel is not one of them. The 300 AAC Blackout (right) might be a great alternative.

Gunfight Science: SBRs in 5.56 Suck – Buy a .300BK

While the fearsome maw of the 12-gauge shotgun is undoubtedly awe-inspiring, is it the best choice for self-defense?

Gunfight Science: Do Shotguns Suck for Self-Defense?

center axis relock wayne lincour feature

Can Center Axis Relock Save Your Life?

underwear gun danger zone detroit shooting
The crowded conference room, scenario 2.

The Truth About Thumb Over Bore!

Most gun fights occur at a distance of five feet or less.

As a Rangemaster at Gunsite Academy

Triggernometry – Home Bullet Penetration Testing

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