Basic Skills

This coat is great for winter. But in May, it should raise eyebrows.

Is It Okay to Look Down at Your Holster When Re-holstering?

The perfect pocket pistol? At least for firing from inside a coat. This Smith has a laser, too--though it doesn't do you much good inside the pocket.

Shooting Revolvers and Autos From the Pocket

A humble GLOCK? Hardly. The 43 took the day.

I Am Forever Ep. 5: ‘Coordination & Timing’

Wrist coaches with multiple windows such as this allow the shooter to keep multiple forms of data handy.

When the Weather Outside is Frightful–5 Ideas

Savage Rascal 683

An 11 Year Old’s Review of the Savage Rascal

Ar Concealed Carry 7

Teachable Moment: From Weird to Ugly

Put some real money on  the line, and even kids can find focus.

Training Can Happen at Any Time

Barnes 10

An Easy Way to Train With 300 Blackout