Coalition pushes gun control without legislation

Local governments and police departments buy a lot of guns. That’s no secret. Together with the U.S. military, municipalities account for nearly have the $11.7 billion firearms market.

Consequently, one can argue that they wield some power or have some leverage over firearms manufacturers. Typically, that purchasing power those municipalities has is used to get a good deal on guns. Buy in bulk, pay less for each gun.

But what if instead of using that purchasing power to get a better deal, municipalities used that to push gun manufacturers to adopt certain standards and business practices as well as develop new technologies.

Well, that’s the essential premise behind a pro-gun control group calling itself ‘Do not stand idly by,’ a coalition of mayors, faith leaders and police officials that want to strong arm gun companies into changing the way they do business.

“We want to use the power of the market place. The power of the free market,” New Rochelle Mayor, Noam Bramson told CBS New York.

“We’re saying to Glock, embrace new technology to make guns smart. That only the persons legally responsible to use that gun can use it,” New Rochelle Police Commissioner, Pat Carroll added.

Thus far, 59 jurisdictions have joined the cause and asked Glock, Beretta, Ruger and several other manufacturers to release distribution records, and bring “child proof, theft-proof guns” and other technologies to the market.

The agenda of 'Do Not Stand Idly by'

The agenda of ‘Do Not Stand Idly by’

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  • Paul November 6, 2015, 11:46 am

    I believe that we have brought this on ourselves.
    If we as owners were all (ALL!) responsible about our guns, no children finding loaded guns and killing themselves, no crimes of passion, no shooting guns into a darkened car because you are afraid of the load rap music coming from the car, etc., we wouldn’t have this nonsense to contend with. It’s just like the AMA defending a Dr with multiple malpractice suits against him, and then wondering why there are so many malpractice suits.
    For example, it is my opinion (as a gun owner) that defending George Zimmerman, who shot and killed a kid who he had no reason to even approach, created more gun control voters than Mike Bloomberg did.
    With rights, come responsibilities. Let’s be responsible, and we will keep our rights. Just my opinion.

    • John October 28, 2016, 12:27 pm

      Let’s not forget that it was Trayvon Martan who attacked George Zimmerman. It was Trayvon Martan on top of George Zimmerman trying to beat him to death. Forget those “cute little boy” pics of Trayvon put out by a media trying to re-write this history. This “kid” was a full-on street thug.

      Should Zimmerman have followed him? No, but did that give street thug Trayvon the right to assault him? Hell no!

      Trayvon got what he asked for.

  • Carl Nelson November 12, 2014, 12:25 am

    I would wager that if you made the folks in this photograph empty their pockets, there would be a concealed weapon in two out of every three in the photograph. I do not know why folks like this cannot understand that guns don’t kill, the person pulling the trigger is the killer, a knife does not kill, a person takes it in hand and begins to stab, cut and slash. The 2X4 and baseball bat sit idle, not striking a victim until a person takes the piece of wood in hand and attacks with it. No inanimate object, on its own, will kill or harm anyone, takes a person to do the damage. These folks have the desire to take all guns of any kind from our citizens. My guns are investments. I occasionally shoot some of my investments just to make sure that they are in working order should I decide to turn that particular piece of wood and metal, that has no mind of it’s own, into cash.

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