Connecticut Shotgun: European Elegance Made in the USA—SHOT Show 2014

Connecticut004Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company

Connecticut Shotgun is here at SHOT Show this year with a nice selection of even nicer shotguns. As the name of the company implies, these shotguns are made in New Britain, Connecticut—right here in the good old USA. Just about every gun maker in the country used to make a side-by-side shotgun, but that era is long gone. Connecticut claims to be the only American shotgun company making side-by-sides here now, and I can’t prove them wrong. Will the company be able to hold its own with the foreign competition that dominates the high-end market?

Connecticut006Connecticut offers side-by-side and over & under actions with various styles of engraving. The designs are roughed-in with lasers and then every single line is hand chased. The stocks start at fancy grade American walnut, with upgrades available all the way up to exhibition grade wood. These are custom shotguns. When you order one, you get to pick what style of engraving and wood you want. They will also build them to fit you, so the length of pull and the drop of the comb will be perfect. The actions are either color case hardened or coil metal finished. Most of the models are offered in 12,20 and 28 gauges. There are also some small frame models in 20,28 and .410. These are up to 30% smaller than their standard models. Prices start at around $4,000 and go up from there. We’re more than a bit excited to see a Connecticut gun company going strong, and eager to see how it will stand up in a market dominated by companies with centuries of experience.Connecticut008Connecticut001Connecticut007








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  • Paul Echols January 31, 2014, 8:33 am

    Connecticut – We as gun rights and 2nd amendment supporters should boycott any and all firearms manufactured in that state… The $$ is the only way we will ever get the message to them.. Wish Colt would leave Hartford..

    • Gunslinger February 27, 2014, 10:06 am

      10=Roger on the leaving Connecticut… Gun confiscation underway on AR15’s. Death to tyrants!

  • John B January 16, 2014, 6:12 pm

    I know, I know, if I want an affordable new side-by-side there are a lot of non-USA built options – but isn’t there a market for a quality SXS under a $1000 made here in the USA? I don’t need anything engraved on my shotgun, I don’t need color case hardening, I don’t need fancy grade furniture – just something with the right lines, made of quality materials and light enough that I don’t need a gun bearer to carry it! No worry though – as long as the supply of old Fox-named Savages lasts I’ll be good…

    • Will M January 31, 2014, 8:10 am

      Yes! to John B’s comments. Just need a well-made SxS, not an heirloom with engraving and 100-year old walnut.

  • Jake January 16, 2014, 11:01 am

    You had me until you said “The designs are roughed-in with lasers and then every single line is hand chased.”

    Do you think Nimschke, Young or Angelo Bee roughed-in with a laser? I don’t think that’s how you create a classic.

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