CZ-USA Shadow 75 & Model 912 Shotgun

CZ-USA Shadow 75

The New Model 912 Shotgun


CZ-USA has been doing videos with us since the beggining of GunsAmerica TV back in 2007 and their passion for firearms, competitive shooting and quality hunting guns always comes through in everything they do.

IDPA competition has become a popular sport in America over the past several years and a whole new crop of shooting enthusiast have begun to get involved as the next generation gives up their video games to get out to the range.

To truly compete at the top levels of any shooting competition you some natural ability, a ton of practice, and a proven and reliable shooting platform that fits you. A good custom shop doesn’t hurt either. CZ and the CZ75 platform are both of those things, and the CZ75 is one of the most copied guns of all time because it fits so many people so well.

This new Shadow 75 series is being designed by the custom shop and is an ideal choice for entry level competition that can be customized as you move up the ranks. Angus may be a partisan, but he is right, and this is going to be a big gun for them this year.

On the sporting side we have the 912, a shiny version of the 712 with some different internals. CZ works really hard to give consumers traditional guns they love to own, shoot, and hunt hard. Check out a CZ and see why they have developed such a dedicated and hardcore following.

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  • Mustafa November 18, 2012, 12:49 am

    X ~ I’m just wondering…If you went for the heart lung shot, or relaly held on for a head shot?Were you after the pelt or were you craving the succulent meat…probably both, leave nothing to waist!Who’s your taxidermist and just where are you going to mount the head for displaying?At any rate, good shot Lad. Was it the first shot or was the little critter running around for a while looking for an out?I’ve got to get my pellet gun out and get some practice in (at targets), seeing I make it to the range all to infrequently.~ GO YOU PATRIOTS ~Ronaldo

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