Everytown for Gun Safety Touts 2014 Accomplishments

Erika Soto Lamb, communications director for Everytown for Gun Safety, sent out a press release last week that detailed the organization’s accomplishments in 2014 along with a prospective of what the group hopes to achieve in 2015.

In reviewing the release, one is reminded that the battle for our Second Amendment rights is far from over. Everytown, which is backed by billionaire business magnate Michael Bloomberg, is on the offensive with the wind at its back when it comes to foisting its central policy objective on the American people: universal background checks.

As discussed in previous GunsAmerica articles, universal background checks criminalize private transfers between family members, friends and neighbors. They also expose law-abiding citizens to exorbitant transfer fees that are tantamount to a tax on one’s fundamental right to keep and bear arms.

While all that is bad news, the real kicker about UBCs is that there is no guarantee that they’ll stop bad guys from getting guns as criminals by their very nature do not follow laws. It’s foolish to think that another law will make a difference, yet Everytown is doubling down on its UBC push in 2015.

Here are some highlights from the Everytown press release:

The idea that gun safety has stalled is a red herring – progress in the states in 2014 speaks for itself.

While some media claim that “gun control is dead” post-Newtown because Congress has not taken action, major progress was made in state legislatures across the country. A pivotal moment was in Washington State, where for the first time, we passed comprehensive background checks – I-594 – by popular vote in a state with a strong tradition of gun ownership. At the same time, we also trounced I-591, a gun lobby-backed measure that would have weakened existing gun laws.

Additionally, six states – Wisconsin, Minnesota, New Hampshire, Vermont, Louisiana and Washington – passed important bills, with bipartisan support, that will help keep guns out of the hands of domestic abusers.

California signed a new – and replicable – law that allows law enforcement or immediate family members to present evidence to a judge and temporarily suspend someone’s access to guns when they pose a significant danger to themselves or others.

And in key states, we successfully pushed back on dangerous bills penned by the gun lobby. For example, in Tennessee, we defeated an attempt to allow guns in parks and an attempt to legalize the open carry of loaded firearms. In Arizona, Governor Jan Brewer vetoed two controversial gun bills – one regarding guns in public buildings and another that would have made local officials subject to firing for enacting basic public safety rules in their communities.

Gun safety was the silver lining in this year’s midterm elections. We won decisive victories in races around the country – and debunked the theory that guns are a political third rail.

  • When it came to guns this election cycle, the Washington that mattered most was Washington State. The passage of I-594 proved that when Americans vote on measures that can help save lives from gun violence, gun safety wins.
  • In governor races in states that passed background check legislation since Newtown, candidates who support gun safety were victorious – Malloy (CT), Cuomo (NY), and Hickenlooper (CO).
  • Just a year after the gun lobby used a brief moment in a 2013 low turnout election to recall a pair of state senators who supported Colorado’s background check bill, gun safety candidates took back both seats in the midterm elections – one of which was even a former Mayors Against Illegal Guns staffer.
  • In Oregon, we stood-up for gun sense champions – who won – and built a pro-background check state legislature majority for 2015.
  • Senators who voted the wrong way on background checks – Pryor (AR) and Begich (AK) – learned that it didn’t buy the NRA’s support. The message is loud and clear – with friends like the NRA, who needs enemies?

And just last week, we saw that Congress is listening: the confirmation of Surgeon General Vivek Murthy as our country’s top doctor – who outspokenly supports addressing gun violence in America as a public health problem and who the NRA declared a “prescription for disaster” – was an important defeat for the gun lobby that has fought tooth and nail to keep gun violence prevention off of the agenda in Washington.

We’ve also moved beyond the political arena to force corporations to adopt gun sense policies that ensure the safety of their customers.

After pressure campaigns by Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America, a part of Everytown, major retailers like Target, Chipotle, Starbucks, Sonic, Jack in the Box, and Chili’s changed their policies to prohibit the open carry of guns in their establishments. More recently, Panera and New Seasons Market, a chain of more than a dozen grocery stores that compete with Kroger-affiliated stores in Oregon and Washington, proactively decided to adopt a gun sense policy after working with Moms.

Looking ahead to 2015, we will replicate the success of the last year – in state houses, at the ballot box and in corporate boardrooms.

The background check victory in Washington State was a new frontier in the fight for public safety measures that can help prevent gun violence and save lives. A background check initiative in Nevada just qualified for the ballot in 2016 – with a record number of nearly 250,000 signatures delivered – and we’re looking at other states where we can replicate this success.

In 2014 we signed up more than one million Americans to vote for gun safety – but that effort wasn’t just for the midterm elections. We’re building a movement of Americans – now more than 2.5 million supporters strong and with over 40,000 donors – who will fight for gun safety.

The gun lobby has had the field to themselves for decades and we’re finally meeting them on their turf and showing them – and the legislators in their pockets – that Americans will stand up for public safety.


So there ya have it.  Sure, not all their political victories listed are legitimate or will endure, but the plain fact is that Everytown is gaining momentum.  That cannot be denied.  And one can expect Bloomberg’s minions to gain more ground in 2015 unless gun owners stand together and fight.

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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  • listentothis January 6, 2015, 1:08 am

    If we wanted real gun safety we would not allow the FDA to approve drugs and allow pharmaceutical drug companies that make the mentally ill or chronically depressed chemically dependent on anti anxiety; anti depressant drugs in the first place. Who knows how many lives would have been saved from the chemically dependent mass shooters, the 20,000 per year suicides, and the soliders who faught in the middle east this past decade who where diagnosed with post tramadic stress syndrome then issued physchatric drugs who later comitted suicide. My memory is faded on this but I think heard at one time we where losing more soliders to suicide than in the battlefield. That is funny because the soliders who faught up close and personel in the Vietnam and past wars where not committing suicide unlike the majority of today’s soliders who have this high tech weaponry to solve the problem before the battle gets close.
    As far criminals go that is all due to agovernment that lets repeated offenders back into society to spread scum disease to create the next generation of tax payer sucking diease. I have to say it, I have been to third world countries that have a much stricter justice system with almost no crime which leads me to say they have a far better justice system than we have.
    In other words first time armed robberies, drug dealers, etc should be on a chain gang in a desert indefinitely.
    Next is the global elite ownec mainstream media and the idiots who give the media high ratings by watching it to give those mass shooters and terroist attention they want. Further more at least 50 percent of the nation has very little critical thinking skills to analyze information on there own. They need a politicaltcian or a news reporter to influence their thought process. They then follow the influence of someone they never met in their life assume they are doing the correct thing without much question. Part of that is due to our horrible education system that has taught us the one who dominates the conversation is telling the truth and do not question it. We are not taught critical thinking skills or philosophy, just passive thoughts. The Rockefellers made sure of that in the early 1900ths. The ignorance of the lies of the government and media is costing many American lives, the future wealth, and civil rights to vanish.

  • Norman January 5, 2015, 7:59 pm

    What is the most common cause of CRIMINAL death in America? You might not have guessed it, but it is DRUNK/IMPAIRED driving. These deaths account for 20% more deaths each year than firearm deaths. All of the laws we have against drunk/impaired driving have done nothing to prevent these tragic and unnecessary deaths. Some would say, “But the death rates from automobile accidents have fallen dramatically in the past few years!” Yes, they have, but not because of drunk/impaired driving laws. The death rates from automobiles have fallen because of advancements in engineering and safety in automobiles….sorry, but laws don’t stop stupid or evil people from being stupid or evil!

  • Russ January 5, 2015, 5:46 pm

    M.D.A. = Mentally Disturbed Activist.
    You poor misguided and uneducated extremist have fallen into the communist plan.
    Since you have no idea what your talking about, please let someone who is qualified make safety decisions and laws.
    An organization that knows and understands history and the importance of firearms and firearm safety here in America.
    The NRA is who you should get behind to help you out.
    They have always been behind you.
    They are the only one’s out there constantly fighting for you to be able to keep your rights as an American citizen

  • Charles January 5, 2015, 1:39 pm

    Gun safety, as “You” call it — “Gun Control”. . None of “Your Bills Will Keep Criminals from getting Guns.
    Criminals will get guns “Anyway they can”. The Black Market, Mexico, etc.. !!!!
    You classify all Shootings in the same bracket, that is Totally Wrong. The CDC can not do anything about
    shootings. They can put their “Money” and Resources to better use, to find a cure for “Cancer, Diabetes, Heart disease.”

  • Fred January 5, 2015, 10:03 am

    So as the ad states, for example, that a group of over 1 million made over 100,000 phone calls to voters…. So for every 10th member, they made 1 phone call? Did I hear that right? (Now that’s dedication that will make a difference, lol)

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