Geissele Super Speed Precision (SSP) True Single Stage Trigger – SHOT Show 2017

Geissele SSP Trigger – $240

At some point in the maturation of everyone who gets hooked on shooting guns, you start to care about how you perform, and you expect yourself to improve. Anyone who has gone through that process will tell you, with precision rifle shooting, it’s all about the trigger. Every competition shooter in the game will tell you the same thing. Performance, and your ability to perform, is all about having a trigger that matches what feels good to you and performs consistently. Geissele, probably the most mispronounced name in shooting sports, is at the highest echelon of respect among competition shooters and professional gunfighters.

As I explained in the video, it is pronounced Guy’s Lee, and this year they entered the single stage market with a single stage clean breaking light competition trigger. Towards the end of the video you’ll see how short the pull is, and how close a reset it has. It comes with two spring tensions, and there are a few trigger paddle options as well.

It is not yet on Brownells, as said in the video, but it is on the Geissele website, though not yet available for order. There are rarely prices below a rather stricly held MAP (minimum advertised price) rule set forth by Geissele, so there no real disadvantage buying it directly from them when it becomes available. We will try to get one in for Clay to review as well. I hear he’s had some experience with Geissele in the past 🙂

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