GunsAmerica Sponsors Shane Carwin for UFC 116!

GunsAmerica Sponsors Shane Carwin for UFC 116!

Hello Everyone!

As you may know, we occasionally sponsor UFC fighters from time to time. Recently we decided to pull away from sponsoring the smaller names and grabbing sponsorship deals here and there and put all of our UFC investment in one fighter who is a good role model for our sport.

Shane Carwin is who we decided on. Shane is a genuine gun guy, hunter, and shooting sports enthusiast. He is also known throughout the UFC community as a nice, personable and stand up guy. I have personally followed his career since his first fight and Shane is second to no fighter in the world.

You may find this an interesting comment since officially Shane lost to Brock Lesnar in the second round at UFC 116, but if you watch the fight you will see that the win was not so decisive. Shane beat the champ up pretty good in the first round and many of us watching thought the fight should have been stopped when Brock covered up.

Shane will be back, most likely even to fight Brock again. This was not a difficult loss for us his fans, because most real UFC fans were happy to see Brock back at his Championship form after a long illness, and Shane beat him in the first round anyway lol.

Ten lucky GunsAmerica Shane Carwin fans got free passes to the afterparty in Vegas. We haven’t gotten any pictures yet but at some point we will try to add them to this post.

The Shane Carwin fan community is at

This is what Shane sent in through his management after the fight:



Thank you for your support during UFC 116. I am sorry my performance was not enough to win but I do really want to thank you for all of your support. I am a member of your site, I think the 2nd Amendment is one of our most important Amendments, and I think you provide a great service to us Gun owners. Thanks again for all of your support.

Shane Carwin

UFC 116 Shane Carwin faced UFC Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar in what was billed as the biggest fight in MMA’s Illustrious history. We want to thank you for your support and show some of the press coverage from this event. While the outcome was not what we had desired the fans have come out in full force to support Shane. This is a victory even though the fight was a loss.

The media and exposure for Shane has been tremendous and we have seen a dramatic spike in fans supporting Shane.

We started the week with 29,000 twitter followers and the night before the fight we had 32,000. Today (July 5th) Shane is over 35,000 Twitter followers. has seen a traffic increase of 1200% and increased its membership base by over 2000 new members.

We have received over 1200 fan messages all with kind words of support. Shane’s blog on UFC 116 have been seen over 75,000 people and comments are just over 800 and still going.

Total Fight: 7:19

Outcome: Loss

PPV Buy Estimates 1.5 million – 2 million buys


We can’t link all the articles that covered this event but here is a Google search that returned 2,380 results for the last week.,qdr:w&prmd=nuivo&source=lnt&sa=X&ei=9toyTJDKIIaDngfJhv2xAw&ved=0CA0QpwU

Here are some of the more prominent websites?

Links to Images:;pid%3D0%26amp;catid%3D0&searchstring=


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