Henry Original Rifle ‘One of a Thousand’

Hickok45 shoots and discusses the ‘Henry Original Deluxe Engraved Rifle’ from Henry Repeating Arms.

From the man himself, “I forgot to mention in the video that this rifle is one of the first one thousand made. The company engraved the first 1000 rifles. This one is Number 982.

“As mentioned in the video, the original Henry Rifle resulted from earlier work by Horace Smith and Daniel Wesson and the Volcanic Repeating Arms Company, and of a man who worked for Oliver Winchester in the New Haven Arms Company, Benjamin Tyler Henry. While this new company based in Bayonne, New Jersey, Henry Repeating Arms, has no connection to the original Henry Rifle of the 1860s, it IS nice that somebody in this country has taken upon itself the task of making a replica of this beautiful piece of history. It’s especially nice to see some real American Black Walnut in the stock. I have several hundred Black Walnut trees on my place; I might just go into the stock business. 🙂

“It’s very cold during the making of this video, as evidenced by the freezing hands and runny nose (Must be winter time). You guys are worth it. :-)”

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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