Hickok45: Trojan Firearms AR-15

From Hickok45:

Shooting, showing, and giving my impressions of an AR-15 from Trojan Firearms. In a world of AR-15s that seem to be very much alike, thus far, this one seems to be a very pleasant surprise.

As I have stated many times, all we can do is give you an overview and our impressions of some of various AR-15s that are out there, as we do with other firearms. We’ve avoided many of them for years because there’s no way we are interested in thoroughly testing them to see how they hold up to 10 or 20 thousand rounds, or how they group at 600 yards with various types of ammo. Plus, that would just be the one sample rifle we have in hand. I guess that, as with handguns, we assume the technology has evolved to the point where almost any of them are going to hold up fairly well and be accurate enough. I really do not have the interest or time to conduct “military trials” of the things. Someone else can do that. They still ARE the most popular selling rifle in the country, so I hate to ignore them. There are lots and lots of quality makers of them out there that do not have a big name in the industry. Sorry if you are tired of AR15s; somebody out there is tired of virtually any firearm we could name; we’d never do ANY firearms if we worried about boring somebody. 🙂

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  • Charles Smith March 9, 2015, 9:00 am

    Have you done a test on the Coonan 357/38?
    I am intreague with this thing, would like to to a professional opion!


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