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Hornady Manufacturing

If you think about it, for every gun purchasing decision that we make, we make dozens or even hundreds of decisions on what ammo to buy for it as we own that gun and shoot it over the years. For as much thought as we all put into what guns to buy, it is nice to see an ammo company putting significant thought into the ammo we buy for them.

Hornady is a constant pressure cooker for new ideas in ammunition and they really push the boundaries of what consumers expect. This year was no different for Hornady at SHOT and they have a bunch of recent and some brand new products at the booth this year. This is probably the most new products we have ever had in one video so I’d like to break them down.

  1. Hornady Superformance Varmint – We actually did a blog post on this before it was scheduled to be available in stores. The link is here. This is some amazing new ammo that is off the chart for those of you who want to hunt prairie dogs with an AR.
  2. Steel Match Ammo – The significance of this is substantial if you are, or plan to be, a serious competitor. Consistent ammo is a fundamental of consistent performance in competition. You can hand load it, but the problem is that at many types of competition you are not allowed to pick up your brass. This is extremely frustrating, because the savings in reloading are in re-using that brass case, and especially with straight walled pistol brass the reloads with low wattage competition loads are almost endless. But at the same time, the inexpensive steel cased Russian ammo is not consistent and reliable. Hornady has seen the need from competitors for a solid and consistent Hornady ammo that is less expensive, and not meant for reloading. This steel match ammo will be 40% less than normal Hornady ammo, and will be available in most competition calibers, including the new .30 carbine.
  3. Superformance Match – If you haven’t tried the standard caliber Superformance ammo that has been available for about a year now, you are missing out on top notch performance from your deer rifle. This ammo takes that performance to another level with accuracy. We hope to have a full review of this stuff soon.
  4. Critical Defense in new calibers .22 Win Mag & 9×18 Makarov – Powder blending technology from Hornady make this ammo super high performance because they optimize the powder burn for the barrel length you are shooting in carry guns. No huge muzzle flash!
  5. 257 Weatherby and .444 Marlin Superformance – Two new calibers in Superformance. The latter I guess is tuned to a 1/38 twist.
  6. Monoflex Bullets – a new design from Hornady based on the FTX and GMX designs.
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