IWI ‘s Tavor SAR 9mm Conversion Kit Adds Versatility—SHOT Show 2014

IWI Tavor5Israel Weapon Industries


The popular IWI US Tavor SAR won this year’s NRA Golden Bullseye Award presented for the best products in the shooting sports. IWI is building on that popularity and customer demand by introducing a complete kit to convert your Tavor from 5.56 to 9mm. If you’ve ever fired a 5.56 gun indoors without ear protection, such as in a home defense situation, you can appreciate just how loud it is. The same platform in 9mm would produce a lower level of sound with the added benefit of less recoil. The 9mm is also easier to quiet with a sound suppressor and less expensive for training. The kit comes complete with a 17” cold hammer-forged barrel, complete blowback recoil assembly including the bolt and carrier, 9 mm magazine magwell adapter, 9mm deflector, 32-round steel magazine and a barrel removal wrench. All you have to add is the ammo. IWI Tavor3IWI Tavor7IWI Tavor1IWI Tavor4IWI Tavor8

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  • Jeff August 7, 2017, 6:35 am

    Aug/2017: Now there’s a conversion kit and an off-the-shelf 9mm version of the Tavor. Big question, having read how loud the 5.56 is indoors: it may be loud, but the reading (only did the reading) I’ve done is that a 9mm will penetrate much further than a 5.56 that will hit, tumble and yaw. Result is risk on the other side of the wall when you shoot. Or the other side of the bad guy.
    Is that true? Am I better off with the 5.56/.223 carbine caliber, than a 9mm that might keep on going? I’ve got neighbors. The Tavor is a proven CQB, but does a 9mm round up the ante?

  • Todd Traas March 20, 2014, 8:47 pm

    IWI where can I get the rifle bag from the video?

  • Eric Berman January 16, 2014, 5:18 pm

    My wife and I each have a Tavor SAR – great weapon! My wife has an AR but wanted something “lighter” – well, the Tavor with its CofG located well back in the buttstock area next to the shoulder rather than further forward as is the case on an AR, is just what my wife wanted. Now she’s shooting zombie targets full of holes and filling ’em full of lead!!!

    The availability of caliber conversions to 9mmx19 and 5.45mmx39, is fantastic!

    How about a conversion kit for 45 ACP or 40 S&W or 22LR?

    Keep up the great work, IWI!!!

  • Doug Sanger January 16, 2014, 4:06 pm

    What is the cost and when is it available?

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