Visit Las Vegas Gunfights for Force-On-Force Fun

A new firm Las Vegas Gunfights is offering customers the chance shoot guns and fight — with each other. Las Vegas Gunfights is blending hand-to-hand combat and Simunition-based gunplay in one bruised package.

Just off the Las Vegas strip two teams, red and blue, face off in the shop’s combat zone. Matches run for three minutes and the team that takes the fewest center-of-mass hits is the winner of that round.

This sort of up-close fighting will obviously appeal to professional and retired shooters but Las Vegas Gunfights is open to all regardless of shooting experience.

With the right safety equipment in place, Las Vegas Gunfights offers guests a new way to experience combat when they visit Sin City.

Simunition kits replace real firearm parts with high-velocity paint markers designed for military and police training. They work like real firearms and realistically — and painfully — simulate gun fights. Guests should expect to go home with welts and bruises but nothing more grievous.

“From first time shooters to seasoned pros, there is something here for everyone to enjoy,” explains the Las Vegas Gunfights website.

“Everything operates the same way as a real gun because it is a real gun,” a Las Vegas Gunfights rep told Fox News.

Simunition is used by militaries and police forces around the world for training. It uses real guns and magazines. (Photo: Fox)

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“We’re going to see some people doing gun-fights that are force-on-force. We’re going to see some people are going to go hands,” he added. “You never know where the fights are going to break out.”

Firearms modified with Simunition kits cannot shoot standard ammunition they still follow standard gun safety rules, at least until the shooting starts. “Even though these are real weapons and non-lethal ammunition we still treat them as real weapons and ammunition,” said another rep.

Las Vegas Gunfights also offers guests a place to cool down in their “authentic ATF Lounge.” We can be sure that they will have a packed house next SHOT Show, which also happens in Las Vegas.

The fighting isn’t just for participants, either. The combat zone doubles as an arena where battles turn into shows for a cheering audience. Las Vegas Gunfights is gearing up to create a new type of spectator sport for shooters and mixed martial artists called “the Gunfight League.”

Just like real guns Simunition kits have a limited supply of ammo. When the magazines all run empty any remaining competitors must switch to hands and feet to finish the fight.

“It really gets your heart rate going,” said one shooter and veteran.

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  • Mister Ronald February 17, 2017, 9:05 am

    This is really great, It probably will go nation wide and if I was not disabled and could move around better “THIS WOULD BE MY FAVORITE PASS TIME.”

  • Mister Ronald February 17, 2017, 9:02 am

    Wow, I’m sure this will catch on nation wide in the future.
    It just makes me wish I was younger and not disabled.
    Gotta be way tooooooo much “FUN” and instructive as well

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