Light Up Your World with the New Surefire Lights—SHOT Show 2014

Light Up Your World with the New Surefire Lights—SHOT Show 2014Surefire, LLC

SureFire makes suppressors and tactical products, but it is best known for lights. Whether you’re talking about self-defense, military/law enforcement needs or hunting/camping, if you want a light you can depend on, you have to check out SureFire. We took a look at three of the new lights for 2014. First was the Y300 Ultra. Besides all the SureFire regular features like rugged build, dependable LED lighting and shockproof, waterproof design, the Y300 has the added ability to provide two distinct brightness levels. You can switch between 1,500 lumens for really lighting up the night, or 500 lumens for preserving battery power under less intense lighting needs. The light also features a magnetic clip, eliminating the need for a light holster. The R2 Lawman features a new rotary bezel that can be used to quickly adjust the output level to precisely what you need. The M600 is a dual-spectrum light combining white light and infra red (IR) in one light body. The IR is a perfect companion to night vision gear, while the white is handy whenever you don’t need to be in stealth modes. See all their products at



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