We Like Shooting Show: ‘Live Fire’

Episode 79, Live Fire. – This week we’ll talk about RC Turret updates, Walther CCP, AICS, Aaron’s upper, Stark Pistol Grips and Saavy Sniper slings and Bipod shooting sticks.

Our Guest this week is Kevin Gilpin, Angie Gilpin owners and operators of The Live Fire Armory. The Live Fire Armory is like a build a bear shop for AR 15’s ! They assist customers in building their dream AR in their shop and at their build tables, offering parts, from forend to buttstock.

This week We are enticed by Savages homemade RC Turret, made from spare parts and his frankengun, while Aaron talks about the “disposable pistol” the Walther CCP with a life span of around 2500 shots. Lil makes the men drool with her charm and the AICS stock she is putting on her new AR. Our guests show of the Stark Pistol Grip that you have to admit is pretty damn sexy and the Saavy Sniper sling, a modular one, two point sling with some great ideas attached. Shawn closes the deal with the Bipod Shooting Sticks, an ingenious new old product that has been kept secret only due to the fact that you have never heard of em.

Lil covers some of the best industry news for women shooters, covering roses and range time with date night at the range.

In our news segment Savage takes aim at Bloomberg, Democratic law makers and the issues pertaining to Clark County’s gun registry in the latest and sometimes breaking information that you need to know!

Join in the fun, you can find the show notes and links to the products we review at http://welikeshootingpodcast.com/079

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  • Dave February 16, 2015, 6:32 pm

    There’s 10 minutes of my life I’ll never get back.

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