New Ammo from Winchester for Hunting, Training and Personal Defense—SHOT Show 2014

winchester05Winchester Ammunition

The new Winchester Long Beard turkey loads were named the #1 new product at SHOT Show by Real Tree Outdoors. Winchester created what they call Shot-Lok to provide tighter patterns that extend the range of their loads from the typical 40 yards all the way to 60 or 70 yards. Shot-Lok prevents the flattening of shot in the initial acceleration of the load down the barrel by encasing it in a hardened resin that fills the air spaces between shot pellets. Since all the shot remains round as it exits the barrel, it flies in a tighter pattern over longer distances.

But turkey hunters weren’t the only ones getting the benefit of Winchester research and development. AA Tracker shot shells contain a bright orange wad which allows you to see where your shot string is going. Whether you’re shooting clays or birds on the wing, AA Tracker gives you visual feedback to help you dial in the right lead. For training and personal defense, Winchester has developed W Train and W Defend pistol ammo. Both are low recoil rounds which give you the right ammunition for each situation. Check them out at


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