New Line-Up From SB-Tactical–More than a SIG Brace

So you’re a fan of the SIG Brace, but want one for all of the various black rifles you’ve got stashed in the safe? No worries. It looks like SB Tactical has you covered.



Announced at Shot Show 2015, the SB Uzi Pro arm brace has been a highly anticipated addition for Uzi fans. The SB Uzi Pro side folding arm brace may not be compact, but it should be effective.

It is set to retail for $169 and should be available any day through the SB Tactical website or installed at the IWI factory as the model UZI Pro SB.

The SB Galil Ace


Showcased along side the Uzi Pro at Shot Show 2015, the SB Galil Ace arm brace is another pre-released product that has yet to make it into the hands of consumers. Now with the release of the Galil Ace pushed back to late forth quarter or early 2016, this product will surely be ready for the launch.

It is set to retail for $169 and will be available through both the SB Tactical website as an add-on, or installed at the IWI factory as the model Galil Ace SB.





Somewhat unknown, the SB Tactical PSG is an arm brace built in collaboration with Patriot Ordnance Factory for POF’s new pistol caliber carbine/pistol, this brace is built to work around an AR buffer tube. This brace is also advertised to work with the Kriss Vector.

The SB PSG is set to retail for $169 and will be available for purchase on the SB Tactical website or as a part of the POF-USA PSG.


With no official pictures available at this time, the SB RONI is somewhat of a mystery. But if it follows suit, will work with all of the Roni Recon conversions.

Set to retail for $169 and will be available from both SB Tactical and CAA by the end of quarter 3 2015.

The SB 89

SB 89 2
Sb 89 1

The SB 89 arm brace is tailored to the H&K fan boys. Built to work around the SP89/ MP5k pattern pistols, it is designed to keep true to the traditional H&K lines. With the recent influx of H&K pattern pistols hitting the US market, this brace will sell like crazy. It would make a great addition to a Zenith Z5-P or any other any other MP5K pattern pistol.

Set to retail for $169 (and $189 with the addition of a sling swivel) it will hopefully be available in 2015 but has no official time frame set at this time.

The SB 93/94

SB 93-94 2
SB 93-94 1

The SB 93/94 is an arm brace developed to give H&K pattern pistols an option for stabilization. Following suit with the SB 89, the SB 93/94 is designed to look like an A2 fixed stock and work with H&K pattern pistols in 9mm and .223.

Set to retail for $169 and $189 with a sling swivel, this brace should be a winner with the H&K crowd. Like the SB 89 brace, there is no time frame set for this brace but you can expect it some time in the 4th quarter of 2015 or early 2016.

It’s clear that the arm brace market isn’t losing ground to bullshit regs. We’ll check all of these out as they come on line.

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  • FightFightFight August 24, 2015, 8:51 am

    These look amazing and I’m super happy that these guys aren’t backing off or backing down after that nonsense that ATF sent out in the beginning of the year. Looks like I’ll be building a few more pistols in my future!

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