New Shotgun Fires with Safety On, No Trigger Pull

Video of a man firing a brand new shotgun without pulling the trigger and disengaging the safety is going viral.

Stephen Floyd is on camera talking about his brand new SXB 12 gauge shotgun from Gander Mountain in Bowling Green, Kentucky.

“I’m the first owner,” he says. “I’m the only person that’s ever shot this gun.”

“I’m going to show you why it’s very very very important that you practice good gun safety. Never load a gun in a house. Never point any gun towards anyone,” he continues.

“Doesn’t matter if the safety is on, doesn’t matter if you think it’s not loaded.”

As Floyd racks the slide of the scatter gun, with the safety on, it discharges a round. He does once more to show that his finger is not on the trigger when the gun fires and that the safety is still engaged.

I’m no gunsmith but I bet it’s an issue with the position of the firing pin.  Whatever it is, he needs to send it back to Winchester so they can fix it. Heres’s the information:

If you should ever have questions before or after the purchase of any Winchester firearm or product, our Customer Service references can help you. Please click on the appropriate headings to the left. You may also call our Customer Service number at (800) 945-5237 or (801) 876-3440. If you need help with Parts and or Service, please call (800) 322-4626.

The history and development of Winchester Repeating Arms is rich and colorful. A few references to Winchester’s past can be found to the left. Also, please review the link to Firearm Safety. It is always a good idea to take time to learn about the safe handling of all firearms.

As for Floyd safety reminders, duly noted. Always be careful with firearms (know the four rules of firearm safety), particularly those you’ve never fired before.

[H/T: Controversial Times]

About the author: S.H. Blannelberry is the News Editor of GunsAmerica.

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