New TacStar 3D-printed AR-15 Adjustable Match Rifle Stock—SHOT Show 2014

TacStar2Lyman Products

3D printing is definitely the wave of the future in manufacturing. However, for the most part, what we’ve seen is novelty items or non-serviceable experiments exploring the limits of the process. As far as I know, TacStar, one of the Lyman family of brands specializing in tactical accessories, is the first company in our industry to bring a 3D printed item to market. The newest product is an AR-15 Adjustable Match Rifle Stock. This is not a toy. It’s a well engineered stock that allows you to customize the length of pull and comb height to ensure that your AR fits you perfectly. A properly fitting gun, of course, allows you to shoot your best. The various components of the stock were precisely fitted and appeared rugged. Time will tell, but given its reputation, I doubt that Lyman/TacStar would sell anything it hadn’t tested thoroughly. If there was a problem, you can rest assured Lyman would take care of it, so there’s no gamble in buying this new product. Take a look for yourself and see if you don’t agree that this remarkable stock is a good-looking piece.


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