NOIR Season Finale!

Watching the evolution of NOIR over its first season has been very interesting. It started off as a catchall variety show that quickly morphed into a shooting competition, primarily.

I can’t say I’m a diehard fan just yet, but I keep watching so that’s gotta count for something. And I do have some questions:

1. What happened to Amy Robbins? She started off as Noir’s co-host but then was somewhat sidelined or overshadowed after LaSorte became a primary figure. Will she be around in season 2? What’s her role moving forward?

2. Structure? Probably my biggest complaint, but I feel the show still lacks a cohesive and predictable structure. It still seems to jump around a lot. I think in season 2 NOIR should have more themed segments that appear regularly on the show. I’d suggest the following template:

Opening: Noir by himself giving a rant about the issue of the week, News, Politics, etc.
Debate: Noir introduces panel and they debate that issue further. Instead of having all like-minded NRA folk on the show, he has guests who may have differing opinions about firearms and gun ownership. Specifically, I think having pro-gun control guests would make for an interesting dynamic.
Review: Noir reviews guns, gear, etc.
Guest Shooting: Noir has celebrity guest on. They shoot together, talk guns.
End: Noir makes closing comments and ends show with tease for next week’s guest(s).

3. The athletic shooter movement, has it caught on? Are people embracing it? Are you embracing it?

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