Oklahoma Man Defends Self By Shooting Former Stepson in Face

An Edmond, Oklahoma, man shot his former stepson in the face, neck and arm in what was an apparent self-defense situation Tuesday morning, local media reports.

Christopher Davis, 46, was at home sleeping when his dog “woke him up,” alerting him that “somebody was at the front door,” Jenny Monroe, of the Edmond Police Department, told KOCO.

Wearing a mask and wielding a baseball bat, the suspect began forcing his way into the residence. Once inside, he hit Davis in the hand with the bat. Davis fled to the kitchen and retrieved a firearm.

After arming himself, Davis confronted the masked intruder and opened fire, hitting him in the face, neck and arm.

The suspect retreated from the home and ran across the street to his girlfriend’s apartment. The girlfriend phoned 911.

“A boyfriend showed up at her house covered in blood and had been shot,” Monroe said.

The intruder was identified as 29-year-old Kody Gallian — Davis’s former stepson.

“It’s not a complete random home break-in,” explained Monroe. “These two do know each other from a previous relationship.”

Despite the multiple gunshot wounds, Gallian is expected to survive. He will face first-degree burglary and assault with a dangerous weapon, according to the Oklahoma County district attorney’s office.

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