Opinion: John Lennon vs. ISIS! – Is “Anti-War” Still Left Wing?

This video is often thought to connect to John Lennon to the Illuminati, but the reality is that he was just another paid off rich guy distracting the people from the real issues of the Vietnam War.  The hippies were fooled, and today they couldn't care less about the death and destruction that we will bring for our new fake enemy ISIS.  It is up to us to stop the next war, and we will do it with information.

This video is often thought to connect to John Lennon to the Illuminati, but the reality is that he was just another paid off rich guy distracting the people from the real issues of the Vietnam War. The hippies were fooled, and today they couldn’t care less about the death and destruction that we will bring for our new fake enemy ISIS. It is up to us to stop the next war, and we will do it with information.

A deafening silence has settled over the entertainment industry as Obama begins the next war the Middle East. Likewise the “hippie” generation of baby boomers who protested the Vietnam war. Don’t you all remember that you supported the “anti-war” President Obama? He did get the Nobel Peace Prize didn’t he? So why are we bombing a country or countries that have done nothing to us? Has anyone actually figured out why we are bombing people?

The more important question is, if in your heart you don’t support killing yet more brown skin people on the other side of the world who have done nothing to us, does that make you a left wing moonbat?

If you watch the John Lennon video below, then the Corbett Report video below that, you will see that there is a chasm of difference between the anti-war generation of today, and the one we think about that opposed the Vietnam war of the 1960s. The hippies had skin in the game back then, the draft, so they opposed the war. But listen to how John Lennon talks around the real issues:

“The left wing talk about giving the power to the people. Everybody knows that the people have the power. All we have to do is awaken the power in the people. The people are unaware. It’s like they’re not educated to realize that they have power. They put the politicians in power. They vote for the local mayor. The people do it. But the system is so geared that everyone believes that “the father” will fix everything, the father being the government. The government will fix everything. It is all governments fault. Shake your first at the government. But we are the government. The people are the government and the people have the power, but we must make them aware of this.”

It’s like he feels that the public are children and that he is somehow above them in intellect and morality. He goes on to explain that his policy is “less words and more peace” and “we’re selling peace like soap.”

And what was the result of this “peace” movement? For all the brooding and self serving guilt that you see in that generation, the anti-war effort was a NET ZILCH. Millions of innocent yellow and brown skinned people were slaughtered. Tens of thousands of young American men were forced to fight to their own deaths for purposes that few people understood. We poisoned an entire country and tens of thousands more Americans with Agent Orange, and our returning soldiers were called baby killers and forced to face a lifetime burden of that awful war they were forced to fight. Probably the worst thing that happened went completely under the radar of the hippies, because it didn’t directly affect them .Nixon was able to de-peg the US dollar from gold, which has led to an enormous devaluation of our currency, and insurmountable government and trade deficits from which we will most likely never recover.

Today, while we bomb the brown skinned people again, gasoline prices are being kept low. The stock market is booming …

… and where are the hippies? Enter the TRUTHERS! Today’s anti-war movement is not about feel good slogans that treat everyone like a fool. Say what you want about Alex Jones, and I have criticized him a great deal on his handling of the anti-gunners, but he has led the charge to expose the back story of every manufactured crisis since Oklahoma City. Alex’s work has given rise to hundreds and even thousands of others, worldwide, who take apart every CNN, MSNBC and Fox News story as it happens. The video below is a new one from The Corbett Report and looks at ISIS. The players. The history. THE MONEY.

This anti-war movement is about FREEDOM. If they can turn their guns and bombs on the brown people across the world without reprisal they can turn them on us, and as I have documented here on several occasions, they are already planning to do just that. If you want to stay asleep to what is really going on out there, that’s fine. John Lennon is talking to YOU! Enough of us are waking up and spreading the word. Our skin in this game is our FREEDOM to live in an America that our ancestors not only fought for, but also worked for. You aren’t left wing if you are against the bankers and paid off war mongering politicians. We are the FREEDOM & LIBERTY movement and we want our country back.

Show notes for the video below:

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  • Dusty January 24, 2017, 1:39 pm

    Well… I’m pretty sure that Nixon didn’t “de-peg” the dollar from gold… According to the history books, that happened during the FDR administration. So maybe there are other inaccuracies in the text/rant?…

  • ahernandez1080 September 29, 2014, 12:05 pm

    I was thinking the same thing….this guy is worst than Alex Jones…..lost respect for guns America for sending me an email with this absurd article

  • Marc Miller September 29, 2014, 8:53 am

    I find this commentary a rather incoherent blend of leftist protest rhetoric and more modern Libertarian conspiracy theory. Bombing brown skinned people? WTF? Who even thinks that way any more?

    Look, the violent, murderous boil of radical Islam burst all over us on 9/11 and has been oozing it’s poison all over the world ever since. Now they have the genesis of a modern caliphate where they can further their goal of world domination — and you babble about the military-industrial complex and killing brown people for money? You’re like a child examining their belt button while the world burns. Whether you like it or not its real and its here. We are their target. They will only be stopped by force. When we get a real president well deal with this and protect liberty so you can spouting your conspiracy crap. You need to grow up and embrace the real world. Its largely an ugly and violent place and the world looks to us for leadership.

  • Veronica Skov September 29, 2014, 5:25 am

    Your so very right why did the CIA kill a 16 year old with a hellfire missile. Who is going to be most active in making this country better our youth. If the security services do not respect the role of congress. Why should they respect our civil liberties?

    • petrusova September 29, 2014, 11:03 am

      Your giving us the same old right wing war mongering baloney only in wrapped up in a different package. First it was the Communist boogey man and we had to attack a very small country like Viet-Nam whose leader Ho-Chin Minh actually rescued American flyers in WWII and gave us intelligence on the Japanese troops and also even attacked them as well. He was promised independence after the war and just as we stabbed the Philippians in the back in 1900 we did so to Ho Chi Minh and his country 60 some years later as we made a mockery of our national credo “All nations have a right to their own national sovereignty .

      Now of course it is the Moslem boogey man. In never occurs to right wingers who hate every one that is not a White Anglo Saxon Christian that just maybe the Moslem community as a whole is against these Isis terrorist too. Maybe you should look past Podunk Junction USA and turn on a real news media channel like French24 News. At the Paris Mosque last week the Moslem community came out against Isis as the very antithesis of their religion and so did Moslems in other countries like Britain. Like most right wingers you seem to equate being a Moslem with being a terrorist.

      The Europeans mostly France and England have no one but themselves to blame in regards to Middle East unrest because after WWII they did not divide the Middle East up according to the various ethnic tribes which as T.E. Lawrence said would ensure a continuing tribal warfare for decades to come. Now the idiots running France, Germany and the U.S. want more war with the Middle East. You know it will result in all of the countries eventually bringing in their won troops. Lets face facts, let the Arabs sort out their own mess, without us interfering. We are attacking simply to control the oil of the Middle East which does no one any good if left in the ground. Do you see Japan attacking the Middle East when they get all of their oil from outside their country. Do they seem worried about it. The answer of course is no.

      The present war will solve exactly nothing and when after another 10 or so years of war and killing the Arabs will go right back to what they were doing before we invaded. History has proven this.

      The U.S. has invaded or attacked more countries than the German Nazi’s did in WWII. The result has been a bankrupt economy since Viet-Nam. Aide to education is at an all time low, our bridges are falling down, we do not have a high speed rail system and our social security retirement benefits are a joke compared to the rest of the industrialized world, and we still do not have a national health care plan like the rest of the industrialized world that has had it since 1889 under Germany’s Bismarck. When a small country like Germany can figure out a way to pay for national health care and today they are considered by top economists as the very best nation in the world to live in are we to believe stingy right wing congressmen who are nothing more than prostitutes of the rich that we too cannot afford to take care of are own people right here in the U.S. Shame on the government.

      Has it every occurred to the right wingers that if we got the hell out of the Middle East they would have no reason to attack us. Nationalism is the real root of the problems with both sides brain washing their fighters with religious fervor and that incudes the West as well. Facebook is full of right wingers predicting the fall of Christianity by the Moslem boogey man just as they did during Viet-Nam when the predicted when Viet-Nam became independent Democratic Societies would become extinct. History proved them wrong then and will prove them wrong this time as well. The right wingers primitive Neanderthal instincts will prevail as war is the natural human condition with peace time only being a brief interlude between the next war until one day Nuclear War kills us all or we drown in our own industrial pollution which is causing the green house effect which the right wingers also say does not exist.

      • clockwindingdown September 29, 2014, 12:45 pm

        petrusova, next time you go to a site and start calling everyone names and thinking your intelligent you might actually read the article first and look at the accompanying links. Had you, you would have realized you just made a complete idiot of yourself for the world to see, but then that is what left-wingers do so well, isn’t it?

        As for your utopia thoughts, how long have you been so delusional to think that people can get along when you yourself start off by calling others names and pointing fingers? Again with making an idiot of yourself for the world to see!

        Oh and by the way, it is the left wingers in the USA currently causing the wars…

        • petru sova September 29, 2014, 2:40 pm

          Left wing starting this war? Really? John bone head Boehner was yelling attack, attack, attack earlier this year before Isis was even in the news. John McCain has been trying to start WW3 over the Ukraine by calling for Nato forces to invade the country. It has been Obama who up till recently was trying to put the brakes on and he even had to fire several top U.S. Generals that were yelling to send thousands of U.S. troops in to the Middle East immediately. I guess they figure it would make their jobs more secure.

        • petrusova September 29, 2014, 2:47 pm

          I forgot to mention that while watching the European news coverage of the British vote in Parliament I was astounded that unlike the U.S. Britain really does have a democratic system as they had to vote on whether or not to go to war as compared to the U.S. where both Democratic and Republican presidents have now gone over to starting wars by Executive Action, a polite term for dictatorship.

      • Gman September 29, 2014, 6:57 pm

        Petrusova, you are either a full or commie…??? jugging by the seudo name you have chosen,..
        As an immigrant proud to be an American and a Army veteran during the Vietnam war, I can tell you that you are so far to the left, that you can be considered as a hard core comunist.
        yes there is fool in WH. But still he has to do something when innocent Christians and Moderate Muslims are being slaughtered by this dangerous fanatic assassins, but don’t call for help when they come the USA and start their carnage, but it would be our duty to defend this land, and yes we might have to save your leftist ass!!

        • Petru Sova October 1, 2014, 1:21 pm

          It is the problem of the Arabs to sort out. We should not have to fight for them or solve their problems.. They are rich enough and have enough arms to stop Isis at any time they wish. Turkey and Saudi Arabia could end it overnight if they chose to. We in the West have been attacked and will continue to be attacked whether or not we fight Isis or not. We were being attacked a decade before Isis even existed. When we stop trying to use our military as prostitutes for the rich oil companies that are constantly trying to control the oil fields then the attacks by terrorists will cease as no Middle East Country wants foreign troops on their soil or wants them bombing them. It has nothing to do with religion but a fight for control of the oil fields and a fight to get foreign troops out by resorting to terrorism. Getting people to fight for both sides, the West and the Middle East is done by both Governments through the propaganda of a fake religious war. It makes the right wing fanatics on both sides think they are fighting a religious war while the rich on both sided of the conflict laugh all the way to the bank. The present war will solve nothing and will not even come close to stopping terrorism. Remember Lyndon Johnson when he stated he would bomb Viet-Nam back into the stone age and when “Mad Boomer Harris” bombed German cities into ruble and the Nazi’s simply went below ground and manufactured more fighter planes in the last months of the war than they had during the previous 6 years. It will do well to remember history, something our Government seems to ignore as well as fanatical far rightists on both sides of the conflict spoiling for a religious fight as both claim “God is on our side”.

    • william kirk September 29, 2014, 2:50 pm

      Where the hell were you when they beheaded an American and an Englishman ? That is reason enough to go in the and Kill All of those MF’S you Commie A H! Bye , your friend Bill

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