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Otis Defender Series Cleaning Kit – SHOT Show 2017

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The Defender Series from Otis Technology gives you the means to keep your firearms clean and running in practically any situation.

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The Defender Series comes with high-quality brushes for getting all those hard-to-reach areas. Images courtesy of manufacturer.

I am always on the lookout for handy gear to help me maintain my guns, so I decided to swing by the Otis Technology booth at SHOW Show 2017. Otis Technology is a family-owned and -operated company that has invested in research and development for serious-use customers. This has focused on the Military and Law Enforcement. This has allowed them to develop products for extreme use that have been battle-proven.

This has now made it to the civilian market in the same format that you can be sure will meet all of your gun cleaning needs to be sure your guns are maintained and ready for use. The latest iteration of this is the Defender Series cleaning system. The Defender contains all the tools needed for proper cleaning. It come in a 9X4 inch zippered black nylon case that is perfect for throwing in a double mag pouch on a plate carrier with the attached molly straps. In the case, each item is carefully selected to excel at a specific task.

Memory-Flex Cables are designed to withstand 750 pounds of pull pressure.

Memory-Flex Cables: The Defender Series cleaning kit comes with what Otis call Memory-Flex cable. This flexible cable is coated to protect the bore and have a 750-lb. pull strength. You can attach slotted tips, cotton cleaning patches and other threaded accessories.

Bore Brushes: The Defender comes with bore brushes that are high quality they have a precision thread with no weak undercut, proprietary core wire that is corrosive resistant, and a tighter twist for better bristle retention. These things are almost indestructible because in combat you can’t just run to a gun shop and get another one.

Ripcord: The kit comes with a Nomex ripcord that cleans from breech-to-muzzle in one quick pull.

All-Purpose Brushes: Otis brushes have double ends to allow for scrubbing with one end and precision cleaning with the smaller end.

The Extras: Cotton patches in the proper caliber are included along with a tube of CLP (Clean Lube Protect). The rifle kits have a set of metal rods.

The Defender Series comes in single caliber or combination calibers to please every gun owner they are shipping now.

For more information, visit

To purchase Otis gear on, click this link:

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  • Wallace nichols March 20, 2017, 6:47 am

    I like the cleaning kit can you give th name of he website to order one

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